Pet Care Cancellation Policies

Please read through sit-stay-play’s pet care cancellation policies so you know where we stand regarding cancellations, same day cancellations, payments, refunds and credits.

Social Distancing and Safety Protocols

According to guidelines set forth by CDC, WHO and FEMA, our pet care providers practice social distancing when they’re around clients. Additionally, this has led to us offering no-contact Meet and Greets and adjusting visits and procedures to help make sure we’re all safe. If your pet provider arrives at your house to do a visit and you’re home, we ask that you stay back at least 6 feet and provide hand wipes and disinfectant. Our pet care providers can use their our own leashes and doggy bags to minimize contact. Most importantly, if you have set up a Meet and Greet or visit and anyone in the home has or has had Covid-19 symptoms or diagnosis please let us know immediately. At that point, we’ll have to adjust our work procedure or possibly reschedule. In the event that our pet care providers have Covid-19 symptoms or diagnosis we’ll tell you immediately.

Pet Care Cancellation Policies

In order for sit-stay-play to be able to provide quality pet care services to as many people as possible, we ask that you be aware of these policies.

However, we understand life happens and emergencies aren’t planned and if your cancellation is a true emergency or health or weather-related cancel, please let us know so we can adjust your cancellation fees.

Pet Sitting and Mid-Day Potty Breaks — 48 hours notice

Poop Scooping — 48 hour notice

Dog Walking — 48 hour notice

Pet Taxi — 48 hour notice

Farm Sitting — 48 hour notice

Overnight Stays —  5 days prior to first visit

Vacation Visits (3 or more days) – 7 days prior to first visit

Wedding and Traveling Pet Care – 3 months notice

Note: Changes or visit cancellations to CONFIRMED pet care visits must be updated prior to sit-stay-play starting services or the original invoice amount will be due.

Please know that we rely on the visit schedule set forth originally so if your schedule changes please let us know.

pet care cancellation policies for

Please call the office at 765-744-5688 to cancel your services.

If you leave a voicemail we’ll call and/or email a confirmation back so you know we received your message and cancelled your service. However, cancellations submitted via email, text or Facebook messaging might not be received in time for you to receive any refund or credit.

Pet Care Cancellation Policies for Weekly/Monthly Dog Walking Clients

For clients that book us Monday-Friday every month for dog walking, we ask that you contact us by email or phone by Sunday evening each week to confirm which days/times you need us to visit your pet the following week. Consequently, your account will be charged the full amount unless you notify us of any cancellations.

Payment for monthly services are due the first day of the month and payment for weekly dog walks are due the first day of the week you’re booking.

Same Day Cancellations

Your invoice amount will still be due if you cancel the same day of services unless the cancellation is the result of a true emergency, health or weather-related cancel.


Clients requesting more than 3 days of pet sitting services should send payment to the office to reserve their visits once sit-stay-play sends the total.

In addition, pet sitting/vacation visits over 3 days in length must now be paid in advance in order to confirm your reservation. Please send your payment to the address at the bottom of this page or contact us regarding Chase quick pay.


A complete refund will be issued if we receive your cancellation in the time frame listed above. This does NOT apply to holiday cancellations.

Go to this page to see our Pet Care Holiday Reservation And Surcharge.


A 50% credit towards YOUR future services will be applied to your account if you cancel OUTSIDE of the pet care cancellation policies set forth above. Also, all credits must be used within 3 months of last service with us or you forfeit your credit and credit CANNOT be assigned to other people.

Cancelling holiday visits? See Pet Care Holiday Reservation And Surcharge regarding holiday cancellation/credits.

This notice is current as of September 22, 2020 and supersedes cancellation policies in the Client Agreement. A notice of the policy changes has been emailed to all clients. By completing our reservation process you agree to these terms.

Thank you,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

P.P.S. Our phone number again to cancel your pet care services is 765-744-5688

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Please remit payment to:

ATTN: Reservations
2020 E. Lowell St.
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