How Much Does Our Pet Care Cost? Muncie, Yorktown Pet Care Prices

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You invest in us to provide a reliable and good service; we invest our time and care in you and your pet(s).

We want to become your ‘go to’ pet care people!

Most of our clients stay with us for years because they trust us; and we work hard to build a good relationship with you and your pets.

Know this: If you’re only looking for the cheapest place to care for your pet we may not be a good fit for you.

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How We Price Our Pet Care Services

Your pet care cost is based on many things, such as:

  • Number of pets you have
  • Pet medication duties or care duties
  • Condition of our work area
  • Home and/or safety conditions
  • Job duties (additional work or cleaning around your house)
  • Length of time we’ll be at your house
  • Insurance
  • Drive time (includes gas usage and vehicle wear and tear)

Our pet care price structure isn’t one-size-fits-all.

We have the ability to adjust rates based on the service and situation.

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC offers pet care services in Muncie, Yorktown, New Castle, Anderson and most surrounding cities. Request services now.

Pet Sitting

(for People Away from Home, on Vacation, at Hospital, Etc.)
Pet Sitting (new clients) visits start at $23 per visit
VIP Hourly Reservations start at $40 per hour
Kenneled/Crated Dogs or Cats *Additional* 10 minute one-on-one visit is $10

Dog Walking Prices

Potty Breaks start at $18 (10-15 minutes)

Regular Dog Walking starts at $21 (up to 30 min.) Discounts may be given for scheduling 4 or more days/week.

VIP Walking Starts at $35 (approx. 45 min.)

Pet Waste Removal/Poop Scooping Prices*

Weekly Yard Clean-Up starts at $26 for a 2 gallon bucket, 20 minute session

$6 each additional bucket, cost based on yard size and waste amount. Additional charge for bi-weekly services. Monthly services available as are litter box and cage cleanings.

*Initial clean up fee applies for new clients.

Overnight Pet Care Prices

Before we agree to do overnight services, a Meet & Greet must be scheduled. This allows us time to go over specifics about this service as well as gives your pet a chance to meet us.

Regular Overnight Services start at $88 per night (8 hours) 11pm-7am approximately

VIP Overnight Services start at $100 (9 hours)

Pet Taxi Prices

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Services start at $25 each way

If we’re waiting for your pet while at the groomer’s or veterinarian then an additional rate of $20 per 30 minute wait applies. 

Special rate for dogs needing pet taxi services to Happy Dogs, formerly Happy, Clean and Smart!!

Click here for more info. Special rates for rescue transportation, adoptions and out of state travel.

Other Services

See Hotel Pet Care for pricing.

Visit Farm Sitting for pricing.

Find out about our Wedding Pet Care services and pricing.


Other Information About Pricing/Services

Continue reading to see requirements for crated and outside dogs, kenneled cats and doggie/cat door access.

Outside Dogs and Chained Dogs

Dogs in outside pens, kennels or chained up in a yard require at least two  daily visits, morning and evening. This helps us make sure they are safe, that they have adequate food and water and that they get a little human interaction.

We cannot provide services to individuals that request only two, or even one visit, for their crated dog.

Dogs and Puppies Living In Playpens, Crates or X-Pen Areas

We understand young puppies aren’t completely potty trained and these visits usually require more time because of cleaning duties and extra potty visits. 

Therefore, we require at least 3 visits per day (every 8 hours) for dogs and puppies living in playpens, crates or x-pen areas. 

Kenneled Pets

Pets that are kept isolated and/or live in kennels due to breeding requirements or health issues need an additional 10 minute (minimum) one-on-one visit with their sitter. This allows us to make sure they’re getting individual attention (outside of clean-up time).

Additional $10/per each kenneled pet per visit.

Doggie Doors and Cat Doors

We cannot be held responsible for accidents, injuries and disappearances of dogs with unsupervised access to a doggie door. We require at least two visits per day for dogs that have unsupervised doggie door access.

Cats with cat door/doggie door access require at least one visit per day

The Comfort and Safety of Your Pet is Important (it’s not just about price!)

Happy pets = happy people!

We’re here to help and our goal is to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe while they’re in our care. We’ll love your pets and provide the best care we possibly can.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to us about your situation. We’re here to help any pet parent who truly loves their pets and want the best pet care. We’ll work with you to figure out what we can do to make services with us possible.

Your pet care cost is subject to change at any time based on service requirements. Please confirm pricing at time of booking. Click here to request pet care services.

Thanks for visiting!

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