Low-Cost Pet Nail Trim Events

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On this page you’ll find information about sit-stay-play’s low-cost pet nail trim event schedule for 2022, info about our events at the Muncie Delaware County Senior Center and our in-home nail trim services.

Our low-cost pet nail trim events in Muncie, Anderson, New Castle, Greenfield and Indianapolis, Indiana are great for people like you that want a consistent and affordable pet nail trim option.

Don’t let your pet suffer with long nails. Read this article to see some examples of what can happen when your dog or cat doesn’t have regular nail maintenance.

Masks are required to be worn while Kelley is working with your pet.

2022 Low Cost Pet Nail Trim Events Dates & Locations

*Dates, times and prices are subject to change and changes will be posted to Facebook and to this page.

Muncie Tractor Supply

3601 W. McGalliard Rd.

*Face masks required while in our area.

  • Sun., Nov. 27 | 4:30-6p
  • Sun., Dec. 18 | 4:30-6[

Anderson Tractor Supply

6818 S. Scatterfield Rd.

*Face masks required while in our area.

  • Sun., Nov. 27 | 1-2:30p
  • Sun., Dec. 4 | 1-3p
  • Sun., Dec. 18 | 1-2:30p

New Castle Tractor Supply

3000 S. Memorial Dr.

*Face masks required while in our area.

  • Sat., Nov. 12 | 4-5:30p
  • Sat., Dec. 10 | 4-5:30p

Greenfield Tractor Supply

1645 North State Street

*Face masks required while in our area.

  • Sat., Nov. 26 | 12-2p
  • Sat., Dec. 3 | 12-2p

Indianapolis Tractor Supply

8815 S. Atlantis Dr.

*Face masks required while in our area.

  • Sun., Nov. 13 | 12-2p
  • Sun., Dec. 11 | 12-2p


Pre-pay for your service and we can set you up with an appointment.

Go here to request Tractor Supply Appointment.

Scared/Anxious/Fearful Dogs

If you know your dog freaks out, thrashes around and makes it difficult for us to trim their nails, PLEASE contact us and set up an appointment. We’ll block off time towards the end of our event to help minimize wait and stress on your dog.

We reserve the right to stop or refuse service for the safety of the pet/people.


#1 – Due to us still being in the midst of Covid-19, if you bring a pet into Tractor Supply we require a mask or face covering while Kelley is working with your pet.

#2 – Social distancing is still required. Customers should sign in and step away from the table to give room for other people to sign up. Please keep social distance while waiting for service.

#3 – Kelley CANNOT sit on the floor for nail trims now so ALL pets will either need to be held or placed on the table for the service. Larger dogs may be able to stand on the floor as long as their owner can hold them and Kelley may be able to bend over and trim their nails.

**If you (or anyone in your home) is sick, has a cold, cough, fever or a current POSITIVE covid test please DO NOT come into the store with your pet – come back when you’re healthy.

CONTACT TRACING – These safety protocols are put into place so if and when we have to do contact tracing all of our customers can be reached as quickly as possible.

Tractor Supply pet nail event by sit-stay-play.com

Please note: The last nail trim at all Tractor Supply stores will be done 10 minutes prior to the end time at each event so come and sign in early to get on our list.

Our services are done on a WALK-IN basis to make it easier for people that can’t get into a vet or groomer. However, we do take appointments now. See the info above to book your appointment.

We work with all types of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, pet rats, turtles and even ferrets! No breed or species will be turned away as long as they’re healthy and friendly.

10% from our nail trims is donated to Boston’s Fund at Northwood Animal Hospital. This fund provides financial assistance for emergency veterinary services. Click here to read about VCA Northwood Animal Hospital.

Want to know who does these nail trims? Watch this short (impromptu) video with one of our nail clients at one of our events at Anderson Tractor Supply…it’s a little off-the-cuff but it’s real 🙂

Muncie Delaware County Senior Citizen’s Center

People over 55 can bring their pets to the Muncie Delaware County Senior Citizen Center and get their nails done at no charge. We host these events four times a year – weather permitting.

Anyone can visit us at the Senior Center pet nail trim event, cost is $7/pet.

Next event: Veteran’s Day Special – Free for all Veteran’s regardless of age

Friday, Nov. 11, 10a-12p

The Senior Center is located at 2517 W. 8th Street, Muncie, IN, phone is 765-289-0844.

On occasion we will host FREE events for seniors at Tractor Supply so watch our website and follow our Facebook page for those dates!

2022 Nail Trim Dates at the Senior Center

  • Fri., Nov. 11 | 10a-12p *Free for ALL Veterans
  • Fri., Dec. 9 | 10a-12p

**Face mask required while your pet is getting a nail trim service**

Payment Methods

Pay with cash or credit card. If paying my cash, please bring correct amount in case we can’t provide change. Prices at Muncie, New Castle, Anderson and Greenfield are $10/pet or $5/pet for people over 55 years old. Prices at Indianapolis are $13/pet or $10/pet for people over 55 years old. Pre-pay with Chase/Zelle to get an appointment. *Convenience fee applies to all credit card purchases.

Unlimited Pet Nail Trim Card

Did you know that sit-stay-play has an UNLIMITED offer you can use for all of your pets at our Tractor Supply events?

The Unlimited card gives you access to all of our events, as many times as you need for one year. So if you have multiple pets this is an awesome deal!

You can buy a card at any of our events, pay with cash or credit card. Learn more about it here.

House Calls

Have a pet that you can’t bring into the store? Schedule an in-home nail trim.

In-home pet nail trims start at $15 for the first pet and $10 each additional for trimming only. Add $5 per pet for grinding.

There is a small gas fee for visits that are outside of our main service area.

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