Hello, I’m Kelley Stewart and I started sit-stay-play back in 2008, after my family and I went through a devastating house fire 3 days before my daughter started 10th grade! During that time, finding suitable pet care in Muncie for my dogs and cats during our rebuild was almost impossible. The choices were slim at best. Needless to say this was a very trying time in my life and – you guessed it – a perfect time to start a pet care business!

When life hands you lemons; you make lemonade.

Since that devastating day back in 2008, my team and I have helped hundreds of pet parents facing work and family challenges, schedule changes, lifestyle changes and emergencies. We’re here to help and pride ourselves on being available when our clients need us.

When I’m not walking dogs or caring for pets, I enjoy riding bikes, gardening, going Salsa dancing, kayaking, working on DIY projects, truck camping, traveling and spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy taking Sonny, my 2-legged Therapy Dog, to nursing homes and schools and love volunteering with RedRover where I assist in animal emergencies and disasters all over the United States.

Kelley Stewart