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Muncie Mobile Grooming – Pet Grooming Done In Your Home

Muncie mobile grooming is a convenient option for pet parents that want services done in their home.  Appointments are easy to schedule, just click here to get started. This is a great option for people that have elderly pets, cats or pets that don’t receive regular vaccinations due to health conditions.

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Muncie Mobile Pet Grooming

Our groomers go through a rigorous background check (local and nationwide through Accutraq) and reference checks prior to working with us.

Furthermore, most have experience working at full grooming salons and they’re insured. Insurance helps protect you, your pets and the groomer.

Your personal groomer will treat your pets with kindness and respect in the comfort of your home.

With over 10 years of experience working in doggie salons, veterinary clinics and grooming salons, our groomers are confidant in their skills and are excited to help you with your grooming needs.


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What Are the Benefits of In-Home Grooming?

Our clients choose in-home grooming because it’s convenient and comfortable. However, there’s other reasons, including:

  1. It’s easier for pet parents with large dogs that are hard to get in/out of their vehicles;
  2. Pets with medical issues or stress-related illnesses often have less episodes if they stay at home;
  3. Older pets, blind and deaf dogs stay more comfortable;
  4. Puppy mill dogs and dogs rescued from breeding/medical testing facilities will be much more comfortable staying home instead of going to a new place which can be traumatizing;
  5. Cats are less stressed if groomed with their person close by and
  6. It’s easier for people with multiple animals and a busy life. There’s no need to take your pet anywhere because we come to you.


Muncie Mobile Pet Grooming Services Available

Ear and Eye Cleaning
Nail Trimming and Filing
Emergency Mat Removal

sit-stay-play grooming services

Follow These Tips for the Best In-Home Grooming Experience

We know you want your pet to be comfortable during the grooming appointment and these are the things that can make it go more smoothly:

  • Adequate Space – Allow our groomer room to set up the grooming table and an area on the floor to work.
  • Proper Lighting – The groomer needs a well-lit room to work in.
  • Quiet Zone – Minimize people and other pets coming/going from the work area. This will help your pet stay relaxed. Feel free to stay and watch (and help if we ask).
  • Clean and Clutter Free Bathtub or Sink – Depending on the size of dog or cat, the groomer might use your bathtub or kitchen sink. In either case,  remove all bottles, soaps and razors from the edges so nothing falls on your pet. We suggest you keep a hair catcher in your drain to catch most of the hair.
  • Rubber Bath/Sink Mat – A rubber bath/sink mat will help us to ensure your pet has good footing while in the tub (or sink).
  • Towels – Please have two or three large bath towels if the groomer is bathing your pet.
  • Trash Bag, Broom, Dust Pan – The groomer will gather most of the pet hair up during the pet groom but we ask that you provide a trash bag, broom and dust pan (if appropriate).
  • Have Your Pet Ready – Grooming prices are partially based on time. To help keep prices affordable make sure your pet has relieved himself before the groomer arrives and make sure they don’t sneak off and hide from the groomer.
  • Smoke Free Home – Your dog or cat will be healthier and happier if they have clean air to breath. We cannot provide services in homes that have an abundance of cigarette/cigar smells due to health concerns.


Muncie mobile pet grooming
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Last-Minute Tips For In-Home Grooming Clients

1 – In-home grooming openings fill up quickly, book early if you have time constraints.

2 – Only appointments scheduled through our website will be covered by our insurance.

3 – Our groomer will try and clean up all of the pet hair when they’re finished.

4 – If your pet is too scared for the groomer to complete the service or if the groomer feels that the pet will cause himself (or the groomer) harm, the service will be stopped. Partial payment will be charged for the service or visit and a follow-up visit may be scheduled to complete the service.

5 – The groomer will have pet-friendly, cruelty free shampoo and conditioner to use however, if you have a specific product for your pet, let your groomer know before they start.

6 – Bathing and grooming should be done at least 48 hours after a topical flea treatment.

7 – The groomer may take your pet outside for part of the service if the weather is nice.

8 – If your pet has fleas the groomer has to provide a flea bath prior to any other service.


Payment and Scheduling

Prices are based on the type of service and the length of time estimated to complete it. We estimate a full dog groom to take two or three hours on a well-behaved dog. This is only an estimate, it could be longer if the dog tries to bite or is difficult to handle.

Prior to your groom, we discuss payment with you. In saying that, the price can change once the groomer starts the service. Payment plans are not accepted and complete payment is due when the groomer finishes.

Minimum visit is $30. Full grooms start at $65. Discounts may be given for people over 65 and for emergency situations.

Payment forms include cash, check (with valid identification), PayPal and Chase Quick Pay.

All appointments are scheduled through this website. The groomer cannot schedule or reschedule appointments.

Thank you,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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