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sit-stay-play pet grooming is accepting new clients! 

Our address is at 217 S. Cherry St., Suite 2, in Muncie, Indiana 47305 at the corner of Cherry and Adams Streets. 

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Pet Grooming Policies

sit-stay-play has been providing pet sitting and pet care services since 2008 in the Muncie, Indiana area and is happy to expand our service options!

Our grooming services are available weekdays, weekends and even after 6p.

Pets we can see include: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small pets. Amy’s Pet Spa (our next door neighbor in suite 1) is able to see these pets and birds. She can clip wings, trim beaks and nails! 

To help keep all the pets (and groomers) safe while in our salon, please read through the guidelines below then request a grooming appointment.

  • Our goal is to make sure your pet is comfy while being groomed. If at any time we notice your pet getting stressed we’ll give them a break. However, if we feel your pet needs to stop completely during their visit we’ll call you immediately and get you back in soon to finish the session.
  • All dogs and cats must be current on vaccinations. Bring vet records to first visit. (Contact us if there are medical reasons regarding vaccinations.) If you forget your vet records when you arrive we cannot service your pet and you’ll be responsible for paying 1/2 of your estimated groom that day.
  • Dogs must be current on rabies and bordatella and it must state it on your vaccination records. If your dog hasn’t had rabies or bordatella we cannot service your dog.
  • Pets should be flea-free when they come in for a visit. If we see live fleas at check-in you’ll need to reschedule your appointment and pay 1/2 of the estimated groom fee that day. If we don’t see the fleas immediately and see them during the bath or groom we’ll provide a flea-bath and an additional $20 will be added to your bill and may call you for immediate pick-up.
  • We provide a nose-to-tail assessment on every pet that comes in for a full groom and make a notation of any lumps, bumps, scars and anything unusual and show our note to you at check-out.
  • Every pet is weighed at each full grooming appointment and recorded in their grooming file.
  • We may ask you to stay to assist us with the groom if you’re comfortable. 
  • Pets that react negatively to grooming may not be able to be finished completely. We may need to stop the service and reschedule at a later date.
  • At drop-off time, we’ll give you an estimated pick-up time and will text or call about 30 minutes prior to your pet being finished so you can head over to pick them up. Pets must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the groom completion or late fees apply.
  • Our late pick-up policy is $1 per minute.
  • A 15-minute grace period is given for appointment drop-off times. Anything over 15 minutes will be charged an additional $1 per minute and may result in the appointment being cancelled when you arrive.
  • 1st no-call or no-show will result in a $25 fee to be paid before next appointment can be scheduled. 2nd no-call or no-show fee will increase to $50. 
  • After 2 no-call or no-shows all future services are discontinued.
  • Pet parents should plan to drop pet off and then come back at pick-up unless we feel your pet needs additional comfort or we need your assistance
Beautiful little teddy bear!

Muncie Pet Grooming Prices

Pricing is flexible for all grooming packages based on coat type and condition, size of pet, temperament of pet, difficulty of handling and/or assistance needed by other groomer. See our pricing guide below. We are offering pet taxi services. Schedule this if you’re unable to pick-up after their appointment!

Lion cut for a long-haired cat

Pet Bathing

Starting prices for bathing services includes light brushing, dry, ear cleaning and nail trim. 

De-shedding is extra.

Additional Services

Bunnies need groomed , too!

Walk-in Services *Stay Tuned!

Hours are by appointment only however, we will have walk-in services available and will announce those on our Facebook and Instagram channels – stay tuned!

Payment forms include cash, Zelle and Square.

Thank you,

Kelley Stewart, President | Pet Sitter | Groomer
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting &
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

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