Enroll in Our Free Pet Birthday Club

Are you one of those types of pet parents that LOVE to celebrate your pet’s birthday or maybe their ‘gotcha day’? If so, you’re in the right place! We love to celebrate our pet’s special day as well and we have a FREE birthday club just for your furry, finned or feathered friend.

birthday club for pets
Right birthday gift specific to your pet!

Helpful Things We Need to Know:

  • Is your pet a dog, cat, reptile, bird or other pet?
  • Is your pet male or female?
  • Does your pet have any health issues or food allergies?
  • What food preferences does your pet have and what will they absolutely not ever eat?
  • Approximately how much your pet weighs
  • What city and state you live in

As you can imagine we wouldn’t want to send a bag of cat treats to a 100 lb dog. And we definitely wouldn’t want your pretty little parakeet getting a free dog walk or a cute dog sweater.

Giving you a free dog walk wouldn’t help if you live in California (we’re in Muncie, Indiana). And getting an invitation for a free birthday photoshoot would be perfect for a local person. But not for one that lives 500 miles away. Knowing what city and state you live in will help us tremendously. Having this basic information about your pet and your location will help us find the right gift.

We look forward to sending out something special for your best friend…

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Post a Picture

Once your pet receives their birthday gift, would you share a picture or two on social and tag us #sitstayplaybirthday. We’d love to see how happy they are. We’d love to flood Facebook and Instagram with birthday/gotcha day pictures.

Thanks again and we’ll talk soon,

Kelley Stewart | President & Pet Sitter

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P.S. If you want to plan a birthday party or gotcha party for your pet, contact us. We have several different packages and plans available!