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A Look At The Volunteers Who Help Louisiana Animals

Life and business has kept me from getting back to uploading all of my Louisiana pictures and sharing about my experience, but here is a look at the volunteers who help Louisiana animals, especially at Cara’s House and LSART, at Lamar Dixon Expo Center – I say ‘help’ because many of these people are still down there or make short trips back and forth.

A Look At The Volunteers Who Help Louisiana Animals At Cara’s House and LSART

Many of the people in these pictures are from out of state and they put their lives on hold to be here to help. Some left spouses and children at home. Others took time off work to be here.

Several were newbies like me and were intimidated at the sheer amount of work to be done and animals that needed our attention. However, with help from another volunteer, encouragement and direction, the people I worked with kicked butt.

Whether it was scooping poop, walking dogs, cleaning cages, organizing supplies or just giving animals one-on-one attention, every single one of these people went above and beyond and stepped out of their comfort zones to help animals.

To The Louisiana Volunteers At Cara’s House and LSART

I want to personally say it was a privilege to work with each and every one of you. You are amazing! You have compassion for your fellow man and a bigger spot in your heart for the critters that need our help; thank you.

Keep on doing good work and keep fighting the good fight. Pets need your help; people need your help.

Do You Want To Volunteer Helping Animals Or Help After A Natural Disaster?

Animal shelters across the United States can always use volunteers, furthermore, most shelters have small budgets and have minimal staff. Why not call your local shelter up and ask how you can volunteer?

Healthy pets are euthanized everyday because of lack of space and possibly behavior issues. You could go in and walk dogs or volunteer to spend time with cats. Your one-on-one time with a dog might give him the chance he needs to learn to trust humans again.

Have photography skills? Take pictures of the animals and post them on social media.

Do you like to plan events? Why not volunteer to organize a fundraising event for your local shelter?

If you’re thirsting for some crazy, chaotic, fast-paced volunteering then make sure to get some experience at a shelter first if at all possible. Then, if and when a natural disaster hits, you’ll be better equipped to help. Want to know more about what I did when I volunteered in Louisiana? Send a message and I’ll get in touch with you.

Stay strong and carry on,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter

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