New Sidewalk Installation On Tillotson Makes This Pet Sitter Happy

New Sidewalk Installation Makes This Dog Walker HAPPY

New Sidewalk Installation Makes Dog Walker HAPPY
Dog Walker (And Dog) Excited About New Sidewalk Installation In Muncie

New Sidewalk Installation On North Tillotson Avenue In Muncie Makes This Dog Walker Happy

Can we give a big round of applause for the people responsible for putting in the new sidewalk on Tillotson and Everett north of McGalliard? You’re making this of dog walker happy! I’m not sure if the city of Muncie or Ball State University is responsible but whoever it is, THANK YOU.

You might be wondering why I’m so excited (and why Marga the German Shepherd is jumping for joy) so let me explain…

Why Sidewalks Are Good

Prior to the sidewalk installation, people walked on the grass or just along the side of the road. Many people of all ages walk along that route and need a safe path. They might be students or professors at Ball State. They might be middle school students at Northside Middle School. They might work nearby and bike on Tillotson.

This area is VERY populated because the three apartment communities nearby including, Shiedler, Applegate and Carriage House all have residents and students that probably have dodged traffic on Tillotson or braved walking along this road during heavy rain or snow storms.

Ball State’s bus route also goes along this road and the bus stop nearby will be much easier to get to for people walking, biking and for individuals using wheelchairs.

Why Sidewalks Make THIS Dog Walker Happy

  • Sidewalks make me happy because they’re smooth (usually)!
  • I don’t have mud piles to jump over with a dog…
  • Sidewalks help keep dogs clean!
  • They help file dog nails down–yes!
  • Most importantly, sidewalks allow us dog walkers safe places to walk dogs.

Dog walkers like me and also the pet parents in Shiedler, Applegate, Carriage House and other nearby areas need this sidewalk. It will make life so much easier and safer for them — AND ME.  And another plus…I’ll be able to roller blade with some of our dog walking clients and I’m sure some college students will be blading that path.

And Muncie/Ball State officials: Can I make a suggestion? A trash and/or doggie waste station can somewhere along that path would be super duper!

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Happy Dog Walker Ready To Go!

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