The Cost For Pet Sitting, Take A Look See The Facts!

The rumor is out and it’s no secret: the cost for pet sitting is expensive! Huh? What’chu talking about Willis?

We beg to differ and would like the opportunity to show you the facts and break it down to you in simple terms so you’ll see what IS in the pricing of our services and what you and your pet will get out of our amazing pet sitting services.  The differences are remarkable and clear. Please read on…

Do You Think Pet Sitting Is Expensive? Take A Look See The Facts!

Some people in the pet care industry will tell you that boarding your dog is the best way to go because it’s cheap.

They’ll say your dog will be fed, watered and will get potty breaks outside of the kennel run (if the kennel is set up with outdoor dog runs).They’ll tell you that most dogs do fine in a kennel and yours will too. They might even tell you that they’ll give your dog a bath right before you’re scheduled to pick him up (for an additional price of course).

Why would your dog need a bath after spending time in a kennel? I’ll tell you why — because they have a unique smell AKA dog smell. No offense to the dog kennels and boarding facilities but even the most cleanest ones have that slight ‘doggy dander smell’.

Have you ever walked in a nursing home and immediately scrunched up your nose?

Well, the kennel smell reminds me of this odor. It’s usually always present because the nature of the business. It doesn’t matter how much bleach you use, or how much Febreeze you spray, you’re just masking the odor.

Now smell alone isn’t a reason to not board your dog at a kennel or boarding facility, although it’s a high factor on my list!

Here’s some things that you might want to think about before you take your dog to the kennel:

1. Kennels can scare dogs. ESPECIALLY if they came from a traumatizing situation, been abused and/or spent time at an animal shelter, in a cage.

2. Dogs that stay in kennels often become hoarse from barking non-stop. One dog starts barking, the dog in the next kennel will start, then pretty soon all the dogs, including yours, is barking, growling, jumping, acting like crazed animals.

3. Kennels are often cheaper then pet sitting services. Why is this the case? There’s minimal contact with the numerous dogs in the facility, except at feeding, watering and potty times. The kennel worker doesn’t need to drive from kennel run to kennel run to care for the dogs. It’s all in one building, which does keep cost down.

4. Kennels ARE good for some dogs! Contradicting statement? Nope. I’ve seen really nice kennels and dog runs and have seen how they’re operated. Would you rather drive the fully loaded BMW, complete with heated leather seats, bluetooth, GPS and power EVERYTHING or the Chevrolet Aveo, nice amenities but no BMW by any means.

5. Kennels can be lonely for some dogs. Dogs that live alone without any dog or cat siblings often have problems. Dogs that don’t play with other dogs and live with their people 24/7 can be traumatized by the isolation from people. Now like I said in #3, they do have contact with humans, but not like they would if a pet sitter cared for them. No hugging or snuggling usually in a kennel.
Kelley Stewart feeding Renfield the Iguana

Now what about pricing? Let’s cut to the chase. The cost for pet sitting isn’t astronomical and can be factored into most people’s budget.

Kennels and boarding facilities in Muncie charge anywhere from $10 per day to $45 per day–per dog.

Our pet sitting company starts at $19 per visit–not per dog. At the kennel you’ll pay a separate fee FOR EACH DOG.

So, here’s the break down of the cost of pet sitting with us:

In a 24 hour period, you’re looking at paying approximately $2.37 per hour for 3 fun and loving pet sitting visits (or $57).

In a 24 hour period, you’ll pay approximately $1.58 per hour for 2 pet sitting visits (or $38).

In a 24 hour period, you’ll only pay a whopping $.79 per hour for one visit. This might be for a kitty cat, bird, fish or other small animal like the iguana in the picture above. For $.79 per hour we’ll come in your home, feed your pet, make sure your pet has water, clean up any messes they’ve made, give them love and attention and send you a quick update.

Isn’t your pet’s happiness and well-being worth $2.37 per hour? Or $1.58 per hour? Or even $.79 per hour?

We think so. Pet sitting services ARE affordable so please don’t believe the rumors. Learn the facts and make the best decision for you and your pet.

If you have questions, we’re here to help. We’ve referred potential clients to kennels in the past because they better suited their needs and situation so understand we’re not in it *just for the money*. We’re in this business to help pets and their people and recommending a solution that’s best for everyone is what we do.

Have a good day,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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