Muncie Dog Walking Clubs Great For Positive Socialization

Muncie Dog Walking Clubs are getting ready to start once this spring snow stops and the weather warms up a little! Whether you’re wanting your dog to just be around other dogs for social interaction or YOU need to walk more, join us.

Muncie Dog Walking Clubs Great For Positive Socialization

Our dog walking clubs are free, all we ask is that you make sure your dog has a properly fitted collar (so it doesn’t slip off), a regular leash (retractable leashes can be hard to handle in a group of dogs) and pet waste bags.

We’ll post the location we’re meeting at and note places to park.

Weather permitting, we might stop at a local pub or restaurant towards the end of the walk, so bring some cash.

Muncie dog walking clubs

Benefits of Joining Muncie Dog Walking Clubs

1 – Positive socialization with your dog.

2 – Great place to work on behaviors.

3 – It’s fun to walk with other people and fun for your dog!

4 – It gets you out of the house and keeps your dog active.

5 – You’ll have access to people with dog knowledge so you can ask dog behavior and training questions.

Places We Walk In Muncie

Ball State University is a great place to walk plus there’s lots of parking. Downtown Muncie is a nice place to walk and it gives your dog plenty of social interaction with cars and people. White River Greenway is a gorgeous place to meet and walk dogs.

Dog Not Too Friendly With Other Dogs?

We understand not all dogs have other dogs as their besties, it’s nice for all dogs just to be in proximity of other dogs on occasion. That doesn’t mean they have to lick faces or they have to get up close and personal, but it does mean other dogs should be in their line of site and smell periodically – I mean they ARE dogs after all!

If you have a dog with issues, let us know in advance so we can give you some tips BEFORE you arrive. You can tie a yellow ribbon or piece of cloth on your dog’s leash so other people in our group knows to keep their dogs away from yours. Call us at 765-744-5688 and give us a heads up.

Even if you think your dog might not do well, you should try it. We can teach you some dog handling skills to help you manage your dog better. Don’t give up, at least give it a try!

Stay tuned for postings of our Muncie dog walking club meet-ups!

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