National Guard Pet Sitting – Client Spotlight #3

National Guard members in the Muncie area often contact us for pet care services when they have weekend drill at Camp Atterbury and other locations. In this client spotlight we talk about military members needing pet care services and we’re able to assist them.


chocolate lab,


Snowstorm Emergency

During a recent snow storm, our client was called for duty in Madison County, Indiana and she needed our help quickly. She called and told us about her upcoming deployment and asked if we could come over and take her dog out to potty and spend time with him. Of course we stepped in while so she wouldn’t have to worry about her dog while she helped her unit during the snowstorm emergency.

Getting to this pet sitting client was an adventure, to say the least. I had to traipse through waist high snow drifts and park blocks away in order to even get to her house.

Luckily, I made it to her house 3 times per day and took her dog out to do his business. While I was there I put together an emergency plan in case her heat or power went out. My duty was to take care of her dog no matter what happens and if I needed to take him to my house to wait out the storm, that’s what I’d do.


Pet Sitting for Our Military Members 

Pet sitting is a great alternative to boarding. However, boarding might be a necessary option if you’ll be on deployment for a long time. We can recommend great boarding options if you’re in the Muncie area but if you’d like to try pet sitting, dog walking or other pet care services we provide, please contact us.


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We have hundreds of happy clients from all walks of life: from military to college students; to farmers and professionals. Here’s three articles highlighting the vast differences of our clientele:

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Our pet care services are affordable and life-saving to many people and we work all over East Central.

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P.S. If you’re thinking about enlisting in the military, think about your pets. Who will watch them when you’re gone? What happens if you get deployed for a year? We’d love to help. Request services now.