Master’s Degree Student Seeks Dog Walker -Client Spotlight #1

There’s a big misconception regarding pet sitting and dog walking.

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Does your dog need to pee when you’re at work? We helped two master degree students with their dogs while they did an internship at the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie, Indiana.

Want to know what it is?


Some people think professional pet sitting is too expensive, that college students and master’s degree students, can’t utilize our services; we’re here to give you the truth.

In this particular situation we worked with two master degree students. Both were on limited budgets but knew how important it was for their dogs to get outside mid-day. Click here to see our prices.

Yes, some might think of pet sitting as a luxury service, but it isn’t an exclusive club only for the top 1%.

‘Club’ All Pet Parents Can Join

The only requirements consist of loving your pet and putting our services in the budget.

Sure, some pet parents might have to juggle a little more than others but it’s worth it. Unfortunately however, not everyone interested in our services becomes clients. We work with people that value our services, our policies and most importantly, provide safe and loving care to their pet(s).

Having a pet sitter or pet care provider as a local resource is needed and wanted by many pet owners. In the article you’ll see how we helped two students that were in town doing an internship.

Master’s Degree Students Seeks Dog Walker

Two master degree students contacted us prior to their move to Muncie. They planned to do a 3 month internship at the Youth Opportunity Center and needed to make arrangements for their dogs during the days. Occasionally we’d get the opportunity to go over in the evenings when the ladies went to dinner or had other school activities.

We were happy to help and began a fun 3 month walking marathon! Below is a short video of one of the pups…

If you’re moving to Muncie or city nearby temporarily and need pet sitting or dog walking, we can help. Just give us a call at 765-744-5688 and we’ll get you set up!

Not All Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Jobs Are Long-Term

This short-term opportunity gave me the benefit of helping two remarkable young women during a busy time in their lives. They were able to focus on learning how to help troubled-youth and families and not worry about their dogs.

sit-stay-play is here to help grad students, professors, teachers, retired individuals, farmers, jet-setters, truckers and anyone that needs and wants our pet care services. Hop on over to our testimonials page to read some happy stories from our clients. Read about an 87 year old first-time dog mom here our 2nd client spotlight in this series.

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