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My Dog Needs Gone Before Noon

“My dog needs gone before noon today.”

Those are the exact words that I read on a Facebook pet rehoming site recently.

Seriously, who does this?

The person posted the message in the morning and was basically going to give his dog away to the first person who responded. There’s not anything crazy about that, right?

This is how I responded to the situation…


Disclaimer: What you are about to read comes from the side of me that abhors animal abuse, animal cruelty, pure stupidity and people that are negligent. Being that I’m the owner of my own pet sitting business, I try to be as level-headed and compassionate as possible when it comes to helping people find the right home if they can’t keep their pet. But on the day I wrote this, I had it up to my eyeballs with people being irresponsible, ignorant and just plain lazy. So continue reading this with that understanding.


my dog needs gone before noon
Looking to rehome your dog or other pet? Have realistic expectations on the length of time it takes to find a great home. Don’t be like this person that led me to write this article, ‘My Dog Needs Gone Before Noon’.

My Dog Needs Gone Before Noon

I could go on and on about how crazy the person that wrote that ad was, but I won’t because there’s no purpose.

The person was ready for his dog to be gone and giving his pup away was his solution. However, I educated him the best way I could and gave him some facts about his decision.

Facts about what happens to dogs given away like that, especially pittie mixes. Facts that should make a person pause and rethink their decision.

In addition, I referred him to a few different programs that could help get his puppy neutered and places he could surrender him, Muncie Animal Care and Services being one place.

I hope my honesty and concern came through but honestly, he didn’t seem to want to hear it.


Scary Truth About Facebook and Craigslist Sites

Many people on Facebook and Craigslist are flippers, hoarders and abusers and have no business adopting pets.

The scary truth is that many people don’t want to go through the adoption process with shelters or rescues so they’ll circumvent the process and pick up free pets (or even ones with low rehoming fees).

The people giving away their pets often don’t do home checks or even call the potential adopters veterinarian and inquire about their vet history – which is simple to do – they just want the pet gone. They fail to do the minimum actions to help place their dog in the right type of home.

Debbie Downer I am Not

Not everyone is a scammer, hoarder or animal abuser, I know, but the reality is many people are.

All I’m saying is use your brain. Stay informed. Watch the news. Read the newspaper. Have you seen all the animal abuse cases lately? Know what’s going on in the world and maybe you’ll understand why I’m adamantly opposed to people posting their animals on these sites.

Read with Caution

The scenarios I describe below are so atrocious and people don’t think these things can happen in their town – but it does! Animal abuse happens every single day. In your town, my town, in big cities and in little country towns.

Please, take this post for what it is. It’s a behind the scenes look at what many animal advocates like myself might think, but some are afraid to say.

Warning: You’ll come across cursing and sarcasm, if you can’t handle it or don’t want to read it, I’m ok with it and you’re free to hop off this page now.


Here’s the actual Facebook ad:

Free dog need gone asap like today black lab pit mix 4 months old need gone before noon

My actual response:

Wow! He needs to be gone before noon? Why? Will he turn into a pumpkin at 12:01?

Are you going to toss him out on the street if no one picks him up before noon?

Are you getting evicted and have to be out by noon?

Will he turn into Cujo if he doesn’t get a new family before noon?

What city do you live in?

Is he potty trained?

Has he been around other dogs?

Really, I’m being silly, ha f*ckin’ ha, but really dude, the likelihood of a responsible person getting him before noon when you posted the message at 8:23am is pretty damn unlikely. If you don’t mind me asking, why in the hell does your puppy need to be gone before f*cking noon?

His response:


He didn’t respond. Imagine that.

I didn’t think he would but was hoping he’d explain the short deadline and possibly give more information about the puppy. But that didn’t happen so I responded again about 3:00pm.

Here’s my second response. It received some positive attention from other people on the site, just not him…


Types of People That Snatch Up Free Dogs

My actual 2nd response:

So Mr. Unrealistic Deadline Giver, it’s WAAAY after noon.

Did someone pick up your black lab pit mix puppy?

God forbid it was a crazy ass man that likes to have sex with animals. Yes, beastiality is a real thing. It doesn’t just happen in the movies or in big cities, it happens right here in Indiana, Muncie in fact. People mess with children and now they mess with animals, sick perverts!

Did a Dog Fighter Get Your Puppy?

Did a little old lady see your ad and tell you that she’d give him a good home?

Ever think that she was lying?

Unbeknownst to you her abusive son-in-law forced her to call you. The jerk read your ad and saw a perfect dog he could use to train his aggressive pit bulls.

You know, Michael Vick made a hell of a good living fighting dogs and your little puppy that doesn’t know any better depends on you to take care of him. But you seem to lack good judgment and only see the dilemma you’re in. You’ve decided to be selfish and give your defenseless little puppy away instead of doing your research on the potential adopter.

If your puppy does go to an idiot who wants to be like Mike your puppy will have his mouth duct taped closed and will probably have his legs bound together so he can’t defend himself. The dogs that are ‘training’ will be encouraged by f*cking idiots with small manhoods to bite on your puppy, chew him up and get the taste of blood.

They’ll test your puppy’s gameness. They’ll see how their dogs react to a live dog and how they react to being forced to fight. Does that sound fun? Do you even care?

If they don’t tie his little legs up, they might still tape his mouth shut so he can’t defend himself at all.

That sounds like a good plan, right? Your little fella that once laid on the couch with your kids now is scared shitless because these barbaric assholes with big egos and a thirst for blood beat him.

Dogs attack him. He gets hurt and no one stops it. Is that what you want for your puppy?

Or Maybe an Animal Hoarder and Abuser ‘Rescued’ Your Puppy

Oh hey, maybe the old lady didn’t want the puppy but a stinky ass man knocked on your door and picked him up.

He might have given you a really sob story about how his dog just died or that his granddaughter was wanting a puppy. You fell for his line of bull shit and little did you know but this man was an animal hoarder!

Now that’s gonna be a lot of fun for your once happy-go-lucky sweet puppy.

Now he doesn’t have your rowdy ass kids to play with, although he’d take that in a heartbeat, now he has to fight off 50 other dogs of all sizes just to eat!

And, he gets to walk around on dog piss and shit 24/7 because he’s never let outside to potty. Isn’t that fantastic?!? Do you even care?

The floor is a horrible concoction of trash, layers upon layers of newspapers, dog shit, dog piss, cat piss, cat poop, rotten food, dog and cat food, human diapers, human shit, jugs of human pee and the occasional diabetic needle. Ouch, gotta love stepping on those damn things when you’re trying to outrun crazy dogs.

Your 4 month old black lab pit mix puppy gets to live in a flea infested hell hole!

You’ve allowed your puppy to live in a stinky, dirty, hot mess of a house because you wouldn’t take him to your local shelter and surrender him or look for a good home yourself.

When he gets ear mites or ear infections which cause pain and discomfort, he won’t get medicine. This nasty man never takes his ‘rescues’ to the veterinarian and they all suffer and eventually die, painfully.


Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog (or Any Pet) Away Like This

All kidding aside, these scenarios are just examples of things that DO HAPPEN to dogs given away for free (and even to ones that are bought).

The internet is full of f*cking psychotic trolls looking for free animals. Many like to abuse them in the ways mentioned above. Some I’ve seen first hand while I’ve been pet sitting and had to report to our local health department, CPS and animal shelter.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are normal, healthy, happy and responsible people that intend no harm to your dog. But how would you even begin to adopt your dog out to a normal, healthy, happy person or family?

What questions do you ask? What do you look for?

Finding a good home isn’t gonna happen by placing an impossible deadline of 3 1/2 hours. That’s pretty much like sealing your dogs’ fate. You might as well take him to a shelter immediately if you only have 3 1/2 hours to wait for a potential adopter to see your little old, teeny tiny ad on a facebook free pet site.

For real, let’s jump forward a little to the next chapter in the saga Mr. I Need My Dog Gone Before Noon.

I’ll give you 3 tips on how to find a good and loving home for your pet. See the article now.

Important Topic — Important Decisions

Before you go, please understand that this article is wrote in jest. It’s a commentary about an important topic that many people don’t even think about.

Finding a new, forever home for your pet isn’t something to take lightly and does take work.


Being a pet parent requires commitment and responsibility. Please don’t adopt a pet if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to keep the pet for his or her life or be committed to finding a new home if your situation changes.

my dog needs gone before noon
Find a responsible and loving home for your dog you can’t keep, because she matters.

Our pet care providers here at sit-stay-play  can help if you need to take your pet to the shelter and you just can’t do it. There’s a small fee but it’s worth it if you’re unable to transport or can’t handle handing your dog over to a shelter.

We can design an eye-catching ad that shows the best side of your pet. Just email or give us a call. Feel free to visit our website or leave a comment here.

Please don’t be the person that says, “My dog needs gone before noon…”,

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