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Product Review – Pet Stages Slow Feeder Bowl

Does your dog scarf down his food?

Does she knock the food scoop out of your hand as you’re trying to fill the bowl?

Has your dog ever had a twisted stomach and required surgery?

If your dog eats quickly and you’re looking for something to help with this, a slow feeder bowl may be a good solution. Any dog, regardless of breed or size can benefit from using a slow feeder.

Gastric torsion or “twisted stomach” is a life-threating condition and many times dogs get it from overeating and inhaling air as they eat.

Petstages Slow Feeder Bowl

My dog used to almost inhale her food prior to getting this slow feeder bowl. Honestly, I was skeptical but surprisingly, it’s worked well and has definitely caused her slow down with the food.

Why I like this bowl:

  • It holds 3 cups of food
  • It has a sturdy rubber bottom so it stays in place on the floor
  • It’s easy to clean

Dog Breeds Susceptible to Gastric Torsion

For a complete list see this article but here’s a few to give you an idea of the size and breed of dogs…Irish Setters, Great Danes, Dobermans…larger dogs with deep and narrow chests.



Things You Can Do to Help Your Dog

Feed your dog smaller meals if possible.

Feed more frequently and don’t let him gorge on water immediately after eating.

Make the dining experience fun.

Use the time for training, have your dog wait patiently while you’re preparing and serving the food. If he gets up or tries to sneak food before you’re ready, stop and wait until he’s calm, then start again. Only put the food bowl down on the floor or give him food when he’s calm.

Never feed an anxious and excited dog because you’ll only be reinforcing that behavior and state of mind.

There’s a Problem – What Now?

If your dog seems to be in discomfort after eating or if you see the belly start to expand, call your veterinarian or emergency vet immediately. Don’t wait. Those extra few minutes could mean life or death. Be ready to rush your dog to the vet. If you don’t have a vehicle and can’t get your dog to the vet or can’t pick him up to put him in the car, we can help. Call us immediately at 765-744-5688. Our pet taxi service is available and is reasonably priced so your dog can get the care he needs.

We hope this article gives you an idea of what a twisted stomach is and how dangerous it can be. Getting a slow feeder will help as will the other suggestions mentioned above.

If you have any questions feel free to call or send a message.

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