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Product Review – Petstages Slow Feeder Bowl

If your dog scarfs down food, inhales it or vomits the food up immediately after eating, you may want to try a petstages slow feeder bowl to help prevent gastric torsion/bloat. In the video below, you’ll see the bowl I recently bought for my dog.

So why are we worried about how fast our dogs eat? 

Because eating too fast may kill your dog – seriously.

But surprisingly, it’s not just how fast they eat we should be worried about. This problem can also occur if they drink too much water too fast or if they’re predisposed to getting it. Unfortunately, genes have a say in the matter as well and so does your dogs actions. But before we go down a rabbit hole of other reasons your dog may develop this serious medical disease, let’s just focus on the food issue right now.

If your dog practically swallows his food whole or inhales it, keep reading and educate yourself because you could be saving your dogs life.

Gastric torsion, sometimes called bloat, is very painful and can be deadly, however, working on some simple behavior modifications outlined below and possibly getting a slow feeder bowl may prevent future problems.

Petstages Slow Feeder Bowl

Slow feeder bowls come in all types of styles and shapes. Some look like regular dog bowls with small compartments or has pole-type things sticking up in the bowl. Others look like a maze or a mass of swirls and curves.

Whichever one you buy just know that this nifty invention helps your dog (or cat) eat more slowly, hence the name, and it helps them digest food more easily and helps prevent a “twisted stomach” or gastric torsion. 

True story: My dog used to almost inhale her food prior to getting this slow feeder bowl. When I bought it I wasn’t sure if she’d eat from it but she did and she now eats like a normal dog – yay!

3 Reasons I Like This Slow Feeder Bowl

  • It holds 3 cups of food
  • It has a sturdy rubber bottom so it stays in place on the floor
  • It’s easy to clean

Dog Breeds Susceptible to Gastric Torsion

Many breeds are known for getting twisted stomach, sometimes called bloat. Dogs like Irish Setters, Great Danes and Dobermans are typically the main ones we wee in veterinarian offices however, lots of dogs can get it. To see a complete list of the dog breeds known to get gastric torsion see this article.

Typically larger dogs with deep and narrow chests are commonly seen at the vet for twisted stomach but Chihuahuas and any breed can develop it as well so please be careful and watch your dog.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Dog

  1. Feed your dog smaller meals.
  2. Feed more frequently and don’t let him gorge on water immediately after eating.
  3. Make the dining experience fun.
  4. Use the time for training, have your dog wait patiently while you’re preparing and serving the food. If he gets up or tries to sneak food before you’re ready, stop and wait until he’s calm, then start again. Only put the food bowl down on the floor or give him food when he’s calm.
  5. Never feed an anxious and excited dog because you’ll only be reinforcing that behavior and state of mind.

My Dog Just Gobbled Down His Food, His Stomach is Swelling Up – What Now?

If your dog seems to be in discomfort after eating or if you see the belly start to expand, call your veterinarian or emergency vet immediately. Tell them you think your dog has bloat – DON’T WAIT.

Those extra few minutes could mean life or death.

If you don’t have a vehicle and can’t get your dog to the vet or can’t pick him up to put him in the car, all a friend or neighbor.

If no one is available, call us at 765-744-5688. If we’re able we can provide a taxi service for you if you’re in the Muncie, Anderson, New Castle, Indiana area.

Our hope is that your dog never has to experience this problem and if they do, you’re able to get help immediately. 

We hope this article gives you an idea of what a twisted stomach is and how dangerous it can be. Getting a slow feeder will help as will the other suggestions mentioned above.

If you have any questions feel free to call or send a message.

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