Just One Day Free Pet Sit Or Dog Walk

Congratulations on adopting your new dog or cat from the Muncie Animal Shelter during the Just One Day campaign! We’re excited one more animal gets a loving home versus spending his or her days in a kennel or cage. Pat yourself on the back, you’re awesome!

To say thank you for opening your heart and home, we’re offering either a Just One Day Free Pet Sit or Dog Walk. This Just One Day free visit offer expires October 11, 2015 but you can schedule anytime between now and then. To get started with setting up your free service, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. **Please mention this is for the #JustOneDay campaign when you’re setting up your appointment.**

Just One Day Free Pet Sit Or Dog Walk
#JustOneDay Campaign And The Muncie Animal Shelter Will Help Save Cats Like This One From Being Euthanized

As an added courtesy, the initial consultation is free as well but if you live outside of Muncie city limits there will be a gas fee.

Some suggestions on when to schedule your free pet sit or free dog walk…

  • When you want to plan a short trip away from home, say for Father’s Day
  • When you know you can’t make it home during lunch and your dog needs an afternoon walk
  • When you won’t have to rush home to let your dog out to potty
  • When you realize your newly adopted dog is horrible on leash and you need some help walking him

There’s tons of other reasons but these are just some examples 🙂 Don’t wait, slots will fill up fast!

Thank you,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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