Muncie Doggie Easter Egg Hunt, Fun For People And Dogs

Did you go to our Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt? Our 4th annual event on March 26 was fabulous, if I do say so myself. But don’t worry, you and your dog can live vicariously through these pictures and video but don’t let that be the only way you experience it, make a mental note and plan to go next year!

doggie Easter egg hunt
These beautiful people took time out of their Saturday morning to help set up our Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt – THANK YOU all!

Speaking of next year’s event, I’m definitely not going to wait until 2 weeks before Easter to plan it. Nor will I wait 3 or 4 months before. I’m getting started now! We need local businesses to join in the fun, we’ll need sponsors, support and help – LOTS OF HELP.

Muncie Doggie Easter Egg Hunt Brings Record Breaking Participation

Comparing other Easter events we’ve hosted to this one, this one was more inline with our goal of DOG participation. All but 2 registrants brought at least one dog with them, which is awesome. While we didn’t have the high numbers of people in attendance, between 300-500, I’m highly pleased at the results and most importantly, the attendees were happy.

Prior events brought loads of children wanting candy and prizes, which is all well and good, but the focus this year was on DOGS & their people – and we weren’t disappointed! Here’s a few pictures with the Easter Bunny (who’s currently booking engagements for 2016). Be sure to watch the video!

Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt
April and Ryan have attended our Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt for the last 3 year and they brought a new girl this time, the Dalmatian!

We’ll be contacting local businesses to inquire about sponsorship in the coming months. If you own a business or work at one and think this might be a good event to partner with us on, send an email to and I’ll be in touch with you.

Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt
This family has also came to our event for the last several years. I interviewed them after and asked what they liked and the mom said, “I liked that the dogs had room to walk without being close to other dogs.”

Why Sponsoring Our Muncie Doggie Easter Egg Hunt Would Be Good For You And Your Business

Partnering with us would get you in front of potential customers which in turn could produce revenue for you. Helping a small local business is good karma. You help us, we’ll help you. We’ll promote your business and send our clients your way. It’s good PR. Doing something fun for people with dogs is awesome!

At previous events, businesses like Prime Trust, Better Buys, Happy Clean and Smart, Angel’s Pet Heaven, Chik-Fil-A, McDonald’s, IHOP, Advanced Canine Techniques, MOTC, SkyZone, Excite Laser Tag, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Gibson’s Skating Arena and many others offered donations. Businesses we’d love to have partner with us next year would include companies that provide haircuts, photography services, hotels, boarding kennels, grooming and veterinary services, automotive services, massage and home repair and larger local corporate sponsors like radio stations, car dealerships and local newspapers.

Doggie Easter Scavenger Hunt 2017

Other details about our 2017 event will remain confidential until we get closer. Stay tuned, bookmark this page or better yet, get on our mailing list so you don’t forget about us!

Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt
Foster failure Sharon brought her newest pack member, Boo. She has been a dedicated helper for several years and we love that she continues to help us despite her busy schedule.


Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt
First time participant, Thor, walked home with the title, ‘Most Creative’ from our costume contest.


Muncie doggie Easter egg hunt
Kevin Peterson (left) and Eric Peterson (right) get the ‘Hardest Working’ award! They have super busy personal lives, super busy professional lives – they own Visionary Cleaning, yet still make time to help us. Thank you fellas and thanks to your families for helping 🙂

Stay tuned for details of our 2017 doggie Easter scavenger hunt!

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