Drool in the Pool Swim Party for Dogs

Drool in the Pool is 9/8/23 at Muncie’s Tuhey Pool and it’s hosted by the City of Muncie Parks and Recreation Department. This event is a blast for dogs that love water and even for those that prefer to watch from a distance.

The large pool and kiddie pool are open. The kiddie pool is a popular spot because many of the dogs can touch the bottom and the newer swimmers feel safer there (plus, it’s great for people that want to be in the water but not in the big pool).


  1. We do recommend your dog wear a doggy life-jacket just to be safe;
  2. Bring towels (for you and your dog);
  3. Dogs should wear a collar or harness while in the pool (for easier assistance in an emergency);
  4. Dogs should be dog-friendly. That means that your dog should be good being around a variety of dogs, including large ones and tiny ones;
  5. We recommend that you give your dog ample time to go to the bathroom BEFORE coming to this event;
  6. Bring poop bags and clean up your dog’s messes please;
  7. Dogs should be fully vaccinated. If your dog is sick or if they’re having digestive issues (diarrhea) it may be best to skip this event;
  8. Bring cash. This is a cash only event! and
  9. Bring a camera. You’ll get lots of great pictures.

Smaller Dogs

Dogs from 5lbs to 50lbs can come from 10a-12p. Price is $5 cash per dog AND per person.

Larger Dogs

Dogs over 50lbs can swim from 12:30-2:30p. Same price, $5 cash per person and per dog.

Other Activities and Vendors

At previous Drool in the Pool events a dock diving contest was held so we hope they’ll do it at this one also.

There will be other pet-related vendors at this event so be sure to stop by their booths.

Meet Sonny Roo!

Sonny, aka Sonny Roo, is sit-stay-play’s registered Therapy Dog and he is also a 2-legged Chihuahua! He uses a doggy wheelchair when he’s out in public and the chair works great at this event because there’s a ramp to get into the large pool. You’ll see him with his doggy life-jacket on when he’s in the water and his shark fin when he’s rolling around otherwise.

Stop by our table and meet Sonny, get your picture taken and put your name in to win a door prize. sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.inc and Muncie Pet Grooming is giving away several door prizes (and one free doggy birthday party – register your dog here) so be sure to come say hello and sign up. Winners are announced at the end of each session. Winners must be present to get their prize.

See you at the pool!

Kelley Stewart | President, Pet Sitter, Groomer

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.inc and

sit-stay-play pet grooming

P.S. You can sign your dog up for our free pet birthday club!

P.P.S. Stay tuned for an announcement about our Purrfectly Spooky Howl-O-Ween Party at Emerson Dog Park on Oct. 29! It’s a free event complete with costume contests, prizes, candy, dog treats and our special guest – Scalez and Tailz Exotics LLC.