Does Your Child Speak Dog

Muncie Friends, Do Your Children Speak Dog?

Dog Safety presentation with children at the Ross Community Center
Dog Safety presentation with children at the Ross Community Center

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 2.3 million children are bitten by dogs every year and approximately the same number of adults get bit also.

Hey Muncie friends, do your children speak dog? That might sound silly but since dogs can’t speak with their mouths they use their body language to talk to us.

To live with dogs peacefully and happily, understanding the clues they give us will help tremendously.

Has your child ever been bit by a dog? If so, was it your dog, a friend’s dog, a neighbor’s dog or a stray? Did your child provoke the dog to bite?

Did you know that most children are bit by dogs they know? Usually it’s their own dog or one that belongs to a friend or family member.

So what can you do as a parent to keep your child and your dog safe?

Read on to learn several things you can do to keep the peace in your home:

1. Make sure to never leave your dog unattended with your child. Even the nicest dog can react by biting when threatened or hurt;

2. Give your dog a safe place to sleep and rest;

3. Never allow your child to mess with your dog when the dog is eating, sleeping or when the dog has a toy in his mouth unless there’s adult supervision;

4. Teach your child to never intimidate or be mean to their dog or any dog; and

5. Teach your child to not stare at a dog. This behavior can intimidate a dog and cause him to react negatively.

Speaking dog means reading their body language, listening to what they’re telling us and acting in a timely fashion.

What does your child do when a dog growls at him or her?

Does your child know what it means when a dog turns his head away and avoids eye contact?

These are just two particular situations where it would be helpful if b the child (and adults) know what the dog is saying.

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P.S. Don’t forget we can help you if you’re having child/dog issues. Message us today if you need help!