Free Consultation And Estimate

Hello! Our free consultation and estimate is a great way for you to meet us, see how we operate and get your questions answered. We have 3 forms that our pet care clients need to fill out prior to setting up their free consultation and estimate. Click on each form below to get started!

Pet Service Request Form

Emergency Contact & Key Form

Pet Information Form

Schedule Your Free Consultation And Estimate Today!
Schedule Your Free Consultation And Estimate Today!

What To Expect During Your Free Consultation And Estimate

1. We allot 30 minutes for your Free Consultation And Estimate.

2. During this time we’ll go over the pet care forms that you filled out online. If you filled out the paper versions, we’ll make sure those are complete prior to our meeting.

3. We’ll discuss everything we need to take care of your pets properly.

4. You’ll give us 2 house keys or 1 house key and a garage door opener or code. We require two in case one malfunctions or an emergency arises.

5. You’ll get a quote for your pet care. Prices are listed on our website so if you’d like to get a ballpark idea of our fees, hop on over to this page.

6. Completion of your forms, keys and payment for your services are required or you’ll pay a $25 registration fee. This $25 will be applied to your services if you book within 3 months from the consultation.

What You Should Not Expect During Your Free Consultation And Estimate

1. Please don’t expect 2 hours of our time. We love to talk to potential clients but due to the nature of this business, we have to keep consults and visits on a time schedule in order to make all of our scheduled visits for the day. We shoot for 30 minutes but won’t stop mid-sentence once we reach that 30-minute mark, we’ll just start wrapping up the visit.

2. Don’t expect us to be judging your home during this consult. We understand many people are leery of having ‘strangers’ come in their home but trust me, we’ve seen it all and we’ll be fine.

3. Please don’t expect us to schedule this consultation just ‘for the heck of it’. Our time is very valuable, we have many pets we visit on a daily basis. We plan and rearrange our schedules often to meet with new clients. Please be courteous and schedule this consult if you intend to use our services.

4. We cannot make multiple trips to your home to collect keys, forms, payment, etc. However, if you do need us to make extra trips, visits will be booked at $19 per visit. To prevent this from happening, just have everything ready when we arrive. This helps us be more effective with our time AND gives us more time to talk about your pets, which is the reason why we’re here 🙂

That’s it! We hope you learned a little about our consults and why we try and keep to a 30-minute visit. As said earlier, we won’t stop mid-sentence if we’re at that 30-minute mark but we’ll definitely start finalizing everything so we can get to our next pet care visit.

Want to schedule? Fill out these 3 forms and we’ll be in touch! Pet Service Request FormEmergency Contact & Key Form and Pet Information Form.

Thank you,
Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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