UNLIMITED Pet Nail Trims for a Year

sit-stay-play is relaunching our popular UNLIMITED pet nail trims for a year offer and you can get a card at any of our pet nail trim events.

This UNLIMITED PET NAIL TRIM OFFER is good for ALL of your pets that you have when you buy the offer and it’s only $100. See our upcoming dates and locations here.

Here’s how unlimited the offer works:

 #1 – Come to one of our pet nail trim events in Muncie, Anderson, New Castle or Greenfield, IN;
#2 – Bring $100 with you to pay for the card. You can use it the day you purchase it or bring your pet(s) in to any of our other events:
#3 – Kelley will record the names of all of your pets (offer is valid only for pets you have at the time of purchase). However, if you know you’re adding a new member to the family soon, we can leave a spot open for them!;
#4 – Bring your card with you each time you come in with your pets.

We accept cash, check and Chase Quick Pay. Contact us at kelley@sit-stay-play.com or call 765-744-5688 to make payment.

As a reminder: your one year of UNLIMITED pet nail trims starts the day you buy your card.

quote from a client that had her cat's nails trimmed
Have multiple pets: Get this UNLIMITED pet nail trim offer and you can get all of them done for one year for $100 – click here to see our upcoming dates and locations and where you can buy the card!

And a little more information about this offer…

Think about it this way…the regular price for one service is $10. If you come in 10 times in a year, which most people do easily, you’ve paid for the card. However, if you come in monthly, with just one pet, you would’ve spent $100.

With this offer it’s like you’re getting 2 free services.

But remember, this applies for ALL of your pets, not just one. The value just increases if you have more than one pet but also gives you a really good value if you only use it monthly!

This offer won’t last long. Buy now and save yourself some money and help a local business.

Thank you and stay safe out there,

Kelley Stewart | CEO, Pet Sitter
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“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

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P.P.S. We host these events at the Tractor Supply stores in Muncie, Anderson, New Castle and Greenfield, IN – see our upcoming dates here.