cat getting shaved down due to matting

Muncie Cat Grooming

Hey Muncie cat parents, are you looking for a cat grooming option? If your kitty needs brushed out, shaved, trimmed or just needs a nail trim sit-stay-play pet grooming can help! We’re accepting new clients now. See our prices, policies and request your appointment here.

We have a full-service grooming salon and work with all friendly and healthy pets, including cats, rabbits, dogs and other small critters that need help with grooming and nail trim needs.

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Our grooming salon address is:

217 S. Cherry St., Suite 2, Muncie, IN 47305

We’re in the Old West End, close to downtown Muncie.

We don’t offer walk-in services, we’re open by appointment only.

Cat Grooming Services

Since opening in November 2022 we’ve worked with dozens of cats with services including:

  • Complete shave downs due to matting
  • Lion cuts due to cats not being able to keep themselves groomed and/or excessive shedding
  • Shaving mats out
  • De-shedding (you’d be amazed at how much cat hair we can remove just by brushing!)
  • Nail trims and paw pad trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Sanitary area shaves

If you need to have your cat looked at by a groomer, call Kelley at 765-744-5688 to inquire and to request an appointment just hop on over to this page.

In order to get a grooming appointment, we ask that your cat be current on your veterinarian’s recommended vaccinations and be flea-free.


Kelley Stewart, Founder and President

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sit-stay-play pet grooming

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