New Cat Sitting Services in Albany, Muncie, Yorktown anAnderson, Indiana

Cat sitting is great for cat lovers who want their feline friends to stay home and not at a kennel, veterinarian or cattery.

Why hire sit-stay-play to care for your cat?

Because we’re the best in Muncie and we’ve been caring for kitties since 2008.

We know how to coax shy kitties from their hiding spots and can give insulin (and other medication) if needed.

Each kitty is treated as an individual and we take the time to see what they like and don’t like.

Our cat sitters take the time to play with them and make sure they’re eating, drinking and pottying.

Even oldies, frail or physically challenged kitties benefit from our services.

Having a cat sitter come directly to them so they can remain comfortable and undergo less stress helps so many kitties.

But don’t just take our word for it, see some of our happy kitty clients on our Instagram page!

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Getting Set Up for Our Cat Sitting Services is Easy

Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you via email to set up a short phone call, if you prefer to not talk on the phone we can have our initial conversation via email.

After that, we’ll set up a Meet & Greet if you want to book services. This meeting is where we come to your home and l discuss information such as:

  • Brand of cat food
  • Does kitty eat alone or is s/he ok eating with fellow felines
  • Does kitty get canned food and dry or just one or the other
  • Kitty medication
  • Any health or behavior concerns
  • If there’s specific places in your home that are off limits
  • Any special handling requirements or routines we should follow
  • Name of veterinarian
  • Emergency contact and emergency back-up in case you can’t get home
  • Who we can contact if there’s a problem with your house (water leak, electrical problem, heating/air issue)
  • Any specific toys kitty loves to play with
  • Dates of service

New Cat Sitting Visits

Once your Meet & Greet is complete, we’ll be ready to start your cat sitting services!

Our cat sitters rely on the information you provide on your forms so please complete them as accurately as possible. We’ll keep your forms safe and secure and sit-stay-play staff will be the only ones with access to your information.

Awww…two peas in a pod. Cat sitting gives your kitty the chance to stay comfy at home. Click here to get started!

Two house keys will be collected at the Meet & Greet, as well as a $15 new client processing fee and complete payment for your first booking.

You can pay with Zelle, Square, Cash or Check. (If two house keys can’t be given, let us know during our phone consultation and we’ll figure out a solution!)

Once your visits are complete we’ll mail them back C.O.D. or we can retain them in our key file if you’ll be using us for future services.

Returning customers only need to request services and update any information that may have changed. Scheduling is easy for repeat clients and virtual updates via text and phone calls are available!

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Enjoy this kitty video!!!


Looking forward to working with you and your kitty,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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sit-stay-play is accepting new cat sitting services in Muncie, Anderson, Albany, Hartford City and the Yorktown areas.