Muncie And New Castle $5 Pet Nail Trims And Face Painting

Low-Cost Pet Nail Trims In New Castle And Muncie By Sit-Stay-Play In-Home Pet Sitting & More.LLC
Muncie New Castle Pet Nail Trims By Sit-Stay-Play In-Home Pet Sitting & More.LLC

Muncie and New Castle folks, summer is winding to a close but while the weather is still nice, you should get your dog out for some socialization, fun and a nail trim before snow hits!

On Saturday, Sept. 19, we’ll be at New Castle Tractor Supply from 10a-2p and Muncie Tractor Supply from 3p-5p for Pet Appreciation Week:

For those of you who come to our nail trim events regularly, you know how it works. But for all you newbies, here’s what happens:

  • You come in the store and look for our Pet Nail Trim Display. Usually we’re to the left or right of the registers if you’re standing in the doorway looking into the store.
  • You stop at our table and sign in. If no one’s ahead of you, we’ll trim your pet’s nails then, if there’s a line, we’ll go in order.
  • As I call your name, I hand you a permission form, you fill it out and pay your $5 (per pet) and we place your pet on the table.
  • If your dog is too big to get stand on my table or is arthritic, I’ll get down to his level to keep him comfortable.
  • If I’m unable to trim your pet’s nails due to safety or health issues, I have a list of awesome veterinarians I can refer you to, just ask!

Muncie And New Castle $5 Pet Nail Trims And Face Painting

Just to recap:

New Castle, $5 pet nail trims from 10a-12p, $2 kids face painting from 12p-2p. We’ll be able to do nail trims from 12p-2p also as long as a bunch of kids aren’t wanting their faces painted.

Muncie, pet nail trims will be offered fun 3p-5p.

50% off all proceeds from our $5 pet nail trims and face painting will go towards our FREE spay/neuter program that will be offered next month.

We’ll have dog bones, bumper stickers and other pet-related merchandise for sale that day.

In addition to our booth, animal rescue groups and pets for adoption will be present.

If you’re affiliated with a rescue group or animal organization and want to participate that day, contact Muncie Tractor Supply, I’m sure they’d love to talk to you.

To read a little more about our FREE spay/neuter program, visit this link.

Stop out and see us either one of those days,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

P.s. We provide compassionate and dependable pet care services in Muncie, New Castle and Indianapolis areas. If you’re in New Castle and need a job, we’re hiring! Click this link to fill out an application.