Free Spay Neuter Contest Starting In October

Enter Our Free Spay Neuter Contest
Enter Our Free Spay Neuter Contest

We’re advocates of preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens AND we’re having a contest to help pay for your dog or cat to be spayed or neutered.

Why We Have This Spay/Neuter Contest:

  1. We want to help pet parents who could use assistance paying to have their pet altered;
  2. Thousands of dogs and cats die in shelters everyday;
  3. Backyard breeding is becoming more and more popular. These breeders usually aren’t bringing high-quality pets to sell, they’re bringing pets with deformities, health issues and behavior problems;
  4. Dogs who aren’t wanted live and die at the end of chains in their backyards;
  5. Feral cats are forced to fend for themselves and if they’re not altered, they produce litter after litter of kittens;
  6. Dog fighters seek free or lower-cost dogs, cats and even bunnies to train and feed their fighting dogs;
  7. Shelters and rescue organizations are usually overrun with owner surrenders and pets pulled from euthanasia lists;
  8. Pet overpopulation IS a problem; and
  9. Spaying and neutering helps pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.

So How Do We Pay For These Spay/Neuter Surgeries?

We’re able to pay for these surgeries with your help. Generally we get most of the money from the aluminum cans we collect in our Snip Snip Clip Clip Can Collection Program. Occasionally people will donate money to us. We have fundraisers and facebook parties to help raise funds. We just had an online Paparazzi Jewelry Fundraiser to help raise funds and other fundraising events are in the works.

We’re always looking for ways to raise money to pay for surgeries and if you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Do We Feel All Pets Should Be Spayed or Neutered?

Of course not. There are reputable breeders who are professional at what they do. The people who take this seriously research the lineage of their dogs or cats before breeding. They understand how to do it correctly and take pride in producing high-quality animals. They don’t breed just for the hell of it. They know when to stop. They know when their pets have had enough. They seek proper medical attention for the animals and work hand-in-hand with their veterinarian. They take excellent care of their pets and don’t sell their pets to just anyone who comes waving cash.

But in saying all this, we’re still advocates of spaying and neutering because the likelihood of most pet parents taking these precautions are slim. Dogs get out, cats sneak out the door. Oops litters happen. This prevents it.

How To Enter Our Free Spay/Neuter Contest:

The contest will begin October 1 and the first step is to like our facebook page.

Next, post a cute picture of your pet on our facebook page and tell us some background info about your pet. Use the hashtag #SnipClip so we can track all the entries.

Did you rescue him from a bad situation? Does he have some super cute skill? Is he a snuggle bug? Who’s his best friend? Does he have a cute habit that you’ve never seen another dog or cat do?

After that, share the post on your wall and tag your friends. The more people who like your picture —on our facebook page—, the higher the chance you have on winning.

Depending on how much money we collect we might be able to pay for multiple surgeries; so send your cans our way!

Disclaimer: This contest is for anyone within 30 minutes of Muncie, Indiana city limits. We have the right to choose the veterinarian that will provide the surgeries. We are not responsible for any veterinary charges other than the spay or neuter. We reserve the right to choose a winner(s) in the event of a tie. Winner(s) must be willing to allow us to use their pictures on our website and marketing materials. Volunteers, staff and family members of staff aren’t eligible to win.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories!

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

P.s. Reminder: The contest starts October 1 and you can start posting and liking pictures then. Any that are posted ahead of time won’t be included in the contest and will be removed.