Did You Vote? Here’s the Halloween Costume Contest Winners

So, our 2018 Facebook Halloween costume contest winners have been decided. And man, you all knocked it out of the park this time!!

Can we get a drum roll please….

#27, #21, #20 and also #30 – you all won!

I added #30 since her supporters did such a great job keeping up. In the end, she was only 1 like away from winning – so she gets a prize too.

guy and dog dressed in security and k-9 clothing for Halloween
Chris Lacy and Lady Cai – 1st place winners in sit-stay-play.com’s 2018 Halloween costume contest

In case you have no flippin’ idea as to what I’m talking about, here’s the cliff notes:

  • At each pet nail trim event in Oct. people could bring their pets/kids/groups in to enter the contest
  • Pictures were posted on Facebook Oct. 28 and ran until Halloween
  • To vote, you just needed to LIKE the pictures
  • The top 3 (4) won

Watch this cute YouTube video which shows all 32 of the contestants.

That’s it in a nutshell. Very simple costume contest but it was fun and gave us all a reason to dress up.

As a matter of fact, I wore 6 different costumes and still have several on the backburner for next year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love being able to share it with people and pets.

Why Have a Costume Contest?

Why NOT have a costume contest! Seriously, people have asked me why I had it and the main reason is for the fun  factor. It’s fun to dress up. It’s really fun to dress your pets up or go as a duo like #27. Well, not all pets like dressing up and some of the pets in the contest didn’t come in any festive attire. I edited the pictures with what app (PhotoGrid) I had on my phone to get them in the Halloween spirit 🙂

Since I started this business 10 years ago, hosting pet-friendly events has been a focus. I’ve wanted to have things for people to do WITH their pets because Muncie, Anderson and New Castle really doesn’t offer much other than obedience classes – and not everyone wants to take classes. And cats surely would despise being taken to an obedience class, lol. So these small get togethers I host are perfect purrfect for them.

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Thank you for voting! She is a winner in our costume contest!

Did you know!?! This month marks our 10th year in business so I’m working on a celebration soiree of some sort and you’re invited…but the details have to get worked out first 🙂

In closing, I just want to say thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you/your pets at our events.

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Until next time,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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P.P.S. Here’s the bonus winner!

This Zom-bee was our BONUS winner since she was only 1 point away from getting in the top 3 spots.