Cat Sitting

New Cat Sitting Services in Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, Indiana

sit-stay-play is accepting new cat sitting services in Muncie, Anderson, Albany, Hartford City and the Yorktown areas.

Cat sitting is great for cat lovers who want their feline friends to stay home and not at a kennel, veterinarian or cattery.

Why hire sit-stay-play to care for your cat? Because we know how to coax shy kitties from their hiding spots and can give insulin shots to diabetic cats. Oldies, frail or physically challenged kitties benefit from a cat sitter coming directly to them so they can remain comfortable and undergo less stress.


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new cat sitting services in Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, Indiana
Book your new cat sitting services today! sit-stay-play cares for domestic cats, feral kitties and community cats as well. Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, Indiana. 765-744-5688


Before We Book Services – We’ll Set a Consultation

Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you. Things we’ll discuss include information such as:

  • Brand of cat food
  • Does kitty eat alone or is s/he ok eating with fellow felines
  • Does kitty get canned food and dry or just one or the other
  • Kitty medication
  • Any health or behavior concerns
  • If there’s specific places in your home that are off limits
  • 1special handling requirements or routines we should follow
  • Name of veterinarian
  • Emergency contact and emergency back-up in case you can’t get home
  • Who we can contact if there’s a problem with your house (water leak, electrical problem, heating/air issue)
  • Any specific toys kitty loves to play with
  • Dates of Service

New Cat Sitting Visits

Once your consultation is complete, we’ll start your cat sitting services.

Our cat sitters rely on the information you provide on your forms so please complete them as accurately as possible. We’ll keep your forms safe and secure and sit-stay-play staff will be the only ones with access to your information.

Two house keys will be collected at the consult, as well as a $15 key return fee and complete payment. We accept PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, Cash and Check. Once your visits our complete we’ll set up a time to drop off your keys or we can retain them in our key file if you’ll be using us for future services.

Returning customers only need to request services and update any information that may have changed. Scheduling is easy for repeat clients and virtual updates via text and phone calls are available!

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Kitty Moms and Dads – Prepare Now for Emergencies and Last-Minute Trips

Preparing for new cat sitting visit is important – even if you don’t think you have a need now.

Examples to think about: 

You have a surgery scheduled for a few months away but the doctors move it up unexpectedly.

Your in-laws life out of state and a health crisis happens.

In both of these scenarios you’ll need to set up a consult with us before we provide services. If we can’t fit in your consult because our schedules are full, that could leave you scrambling to find a cat sitter. And that’s not something we want you to be worrying about so we encourage you to be proactive and get set up now.

You don’t have to actually book your new cat sitting service at the consult…

However, we’ll have your kitty information if something were to happen at the last-minute.

By getting your pet care forms done ahead of time and that we have your house keys, you can rest easy knowing your cats will be cared for in an emergency.

Looking forward to working with you and your kitty,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC
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