Westside Park Easter Event for Dogs, Kids and Adults

Join us for our 4th annual Westside Park Easter Event that’s Muncie’s ONLY dog-friendly Easter egg hunt!

Our dog-friendly events are fun for the entire family, both human and canine, even dogs that are shy can have fun at our events. Feel free to hop on over to this link for tips on making the day more enjoyable: 5 Tips For Muncie’s Only Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt.

We encourage pet parents to be active with their dog and this year’s event will definitely get you out and active. This event will take dogs and their people along the White River Greenway, starting at Westside Park. The trail is smooth pavement which makes it great for families that need to bring a stroller and there’s ample room to spread out and meander. westside park easter event

Westside Park Easter Event

Wear comfy shoes! You’ll be walking quite a bit because the egg hunt will take you from Tillotson Street overpass to Jackson Street overpass. If you’re unfamiliar with these areas, trust me, it’s pretty lengthy, but don’t let that scare you off though! You don’t have to walk the entire course but eggs are hidden all throughout so comfy shoes are a must.

In year’s past, we’ve charged a fee for anyone over 13 but this year the fee is just $5.00 per dog. Also in year’s past, we’ve had several kid games, Easter parades, doggie talent contests and prizes. Lots of prizes. This year we’ve taken the focus more off of the ‘stuff‘ and put it more on the ‘activity‘. It’s more streamlined for sure but we couldn’t part with the doggie costume contest. So…if your dog doesn’t mind getting all fancied up in their Easter attire, go for it!

Doggie Costume Contest

The costume contest starts at 12:05 pm and will be judged in 3 categories:

Most Original

Best Handmade

Most Colorful

Safety Precautions

Please be safe, keep your children safe and keep your dogs safe. Here are other precautions to think about:

1 – There’s no breed restrictions but all dogs should be dog AND people friendly.

2 – Dogs should wear a collar that is firmly attached. We don’t want a dog slipping a collar and getting into a scuffle with anyone.

3 – No retractable leashes can be used during the event.

4 – All dogs MUST remain on leash during the entire time they’re at this event or in the public park and Greenway – no roaming free.

5 – Please clean up any mess your dog makes (we’ll have extra poop sacks if you need one, or two).

6 – Please be courteous to other people using the Greenway. It is public property and our group probably won’t be the only ones using it that day. If your dog chases bikes or gets scared of roller blades, take precaution so an accident doesn’t happen.

7 – All dogs should be handled by adults during this Westside Park Easter event for the safety of everyone and all the dogs.

8 – All children must be accompanied by a legal guardian during the entire event. Children cannot be dropped off and left by themselves.

What’s an Easter event without the Easter Bunny?

Peter Cottontail will join us and pictures can be taken with him for $5.00 each.



There’s ample parking near the playground and around by the baseball diamond. Parking is permitted along the roads as well.


Restrooms are available but I can’t say what kinda shape they’ll be in, so this is your warning 🙂


Registration opens at 10:30am. All adults will need to sign our Registration Form completely and pay $5.00 per dog.

What to Wear?

Depending on the weather, we suggest dress in layers. Wear comfy shoes that you don’t mind to get dirty. Easter eggs could be hidden near a mud pile or up one of the many hills you’ll come across.

Don’t Forget A Sack or Easter Basket for the Eggs!

Since this hunt is spread out a good distance there’s a chance you might not collect as many as you would hope. Don’t let that get you down though…your doggie will have fun regardless of how many eggs he finds and that’s the most important thing. Some of the eggs will be empty, some will have dog bones and some will have prize labels. Be sure to bring all your eggs and any prize labels that you find to our PRIZE TABLE. Winners of the doggie costume contest will receive their prize immediately after the contest.

easter-picture2Hope to see you at 11:00am on the 26th!

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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P.S. Don’t forget to read our 5 tips which will help you prepare a little bit for this event!