My Dog is Unfriendly Can You Still Help?

Do you have an unfriendly dog? Being a social butterfly isn’t a requirement for the doggies in our care, however, they must be nice enough to let us give them food and water AND let them outside to potty.

If you live in the Muncie, Anderson or Yorktown, Indiana area, maybe you’ve had a hard time finding someone to watch your dog. We’d like to try and help. You’ll feel better knowing your dog is in good hands.

Why Are Some Dogs Unfriendly?

These various reasons why some dogs are unfriendly. Among them include: unfriendly dog

  • Improper socialization
  • Temperament
  • Isolation (example: being kept on a chain or secluded from meeting new people or meeting other dogs)
  • Never taken on walks or give the chance to explore
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • No training

If you’ve adopted a dog and just can’t seem to get him to ‘warm up’, maybe he was treated poorly before you brought him into your home. Maybe his birth mom or dad was aggressive or had a bad temperament. This could affect his behavior, regardless of what you do to modify it.

Whatever the reason your dog is unfriendly, we hope to be able to help you. We know how frustrating it can be to not be able to travel because you can’t find pet care.

We’ll try our best to work with you to integrate our services with your dog, but depending on the severity of issues, we can’t give a definite answer by email or telephone. To request pet care services, click here.

Training Can Help Unfriendly Dogs

Dogs can become unfriendly when they don’t know how to behave right. Imagine if you were a dog and you  didn’t know that jumping on people is bad. All you know is that every time you see someone, you jump up to unfriendly dogsay hi, then you get smacked or yelled at. You might start ignoring them because you think they don’t like you. However, they would like you if you didn’t jump on them! If your people taught you manners and built up your self-confidence, you might start being nicer.

We don’t believe in breed discrimination. Take the picture of the two pit bulls and the chihuahua in the wheelchair: that’s full of discrimination and assumptions but these three were best buddies until the one on the right passed away.

These three slept together, played together and even went on walks with their mom, together.

However, we do understand that temperament plays a big role in the overall development of dogs. Tyson, Boston and Sonny, the dogs in the picture, all had good temperaments. They like other dogs.

We believe that dogs are not “born bad” or “aggressive”, but they can become aggressive and display unhealthy behaviors without proper training and socialization.

In saying that, we encourage obedience training, crate training, positive reinforcement and socialization, socialization and let me say it again, socialization

We do offer basic obedience training, puppy training and highly recommend all dogs know basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay and loose leash walking. Knowing these commands allows your dog to be more confidant and easier to work with if there’s any type of behavior issues.

Looking forward to talking to you,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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