Downtown Muncie Pet Sitting

Downtown Muncie Pet Sitting


Pet Care Option for Downtown Muncie
We Take Care Of Pets In Downtown Muncie

Pet parents in downtown Muncie have a spectacular pet care option when they need to travel – pet sitting!

In addition to our pet sitting care, dog walking, mid-day potty breaks and pet taxi services are other options people with pets typically book with us.

Muncie is home to several apartment buildings and lofts downtown, including the new Lofts at Roberts which is in the old Roberts Hotel and the Canopic Apartments across the street from the library. We provide pet care services to both of these places, as well as other rental properties in the Muncie area.


Typical reasons could include: upcoming trips, last-minute job change, family emergency, unexpected housing situation, no vehicle to transport pet and overtime at their job.

If you get called into work early or have to stay late, we’re here to help. It’s not fair to your dog to have to wait to pee for 15 hours while you’re working your normal shift plus extra hours. Our mid-day potty breaks can be scheduled any time so if you work third shift and need help then, just contact us.

If you have a career move you’re making and need help with your pet on days you’re extra busy, we can help.

We can assist with transportation also. Let’s say you recently moved to Muncie, you don’t have a vehicle but you need to get your dog to a veterinarian. What are you going to do? You can call us: we offer pet taxi services. We can transport you and your pet to just about any location as long as you set up your appointment with us in advance. We do offer emergency taxi services if something happens after hours and you need to take your dog, cat or other pet to an emergency vet.

These are just a few examples…there’s probably hundreds more but I think you get the picture.


1. We’re a locally owned company.
2. We live and work in Muncie.
3. We have years of experience with animals.
4. We provide convenient and affordable pet services.
5. We have references!
6. We love animals.
7. We make your life easier.
8. We relieve stress.
9. We help you be a better pet parent.
10. We’re veterinarian recommended.

Want to book pet care services? You’re making a smart move…I can’t wait to speak with you. CONTACT US TODAY!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. I hope you found it useful and informative.

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