Easter23 Dog-Diggity Easter Egg Hunt

Easter23 is right around the corner and sit-stay-play.com is having a fun dog-friendly event on April 8 from 12-1p, registration starts at 11a, at McCulloch Park in Muncie, IN. Keep reading to see all the details about it! Pre-register here.

Plus, starting April 1, our pre-Easter scavenger hunt starts.

To play the scavenger hunt, follow our Facebook page to see where you can find this graphic around Muncie…they’ll be 10 locations. Some locations may be local businesses, while other places may be parks or outdoor areas.

findthebunny23 picture
Starting April 1, follow our Facebook page to play our pre-Easter scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Instructions:

  • Decipher the location clues;
  • Go to the locations;
  • Find the graphic;
  • Take a picture of it; and
  • Post on Facebook with the hashtag #findthebunny23.

Hurry! Be the first person to find and post all 10 locations and when you come to the Easter event on April 8, you’ll get $25! *Remember to use the hashtag because that’s how we’ll track who’s participating!

What to Expect at Our Easter 23 Egg Hunt

Our Dog-Diggity Easter Egg Hunt is for dogs and their humans. The more eggs you find, the more things you can win.

Here’s Our Prizes:

  • $100 cash
  • Easter baskets
  • Free pet nail trims
  • A free grooming service
  • A free dog bath
  • Dog toys
  • Dog treats

You can expect to have a marked area and everyone will keep their dog on a leash and hunt for eggs. Some eggs will be easy to see while others will be hidden up high or low, maybe under leaves, in hollowed out tree trunks or nestled in piles of tree limbs on the ground.

Hold onto the prize slips that are in the eggs and bring them up to the prize table at the end of the event. At that time you’ll pick up your goodies.

Remember, we’re having two things, the pre-Easter scavenger hunt from April 1-7 and the Easter event on April 8.

Location: McCulloch Park, Muncie, IN

Cost: Free

Time: 12-1p Registration starts at 11a but you can pre-register here and all participants need to either pre-register or register the day of the event.

See the Facebook event page here.

If you have questions call Kelley at 765-744-5688. Click here to see a video from last year’s event!

Thank you,

Kelley Stewart, President | Pet Sitter

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