Mouse Glue Boards Unsafe For Cats

Have you ever had mice in your house? Not pet mice but mice that weren’t invited?

If you’ve had a mice problem you know they can be difficult to get rid of but, whatever you do, we urge you to NOT use mouse glue boards. Why? Mainly because they’re toxic to both domestic animals AND humans. We give you alternatives to these inhumane traps further on in the article.

Mouse Glue Boards Poison Cats

A kitty named Shadow lost her life after ingesting a tiny mouse that she pulled off mouse glue boards unsafe catsof one of these glue boards. This poor kitty suffered for several days before her mom finally reached out to us through Facebook.

Shadow’s mom was a young mom and didn’t have money for an emergency vet bill. I said I would help her and rushed to her house.

Shadow was laying on the couch, open mouthed breathing with dilated pupils. Her gums were white and whites of her eyes were grey. She was lifeless, dehydrated and slowly dying of the poison from the mouse glue board. She was showing classic poisoning symptoms.

I immediately contacted my veterinarian, Dr. Kenneth Stites, owner of Parker Veterinary Clinic and explained the situation. He told me to bring Shadow out so I drove as fast as I could and when Dr. Stites saw Shadow, he shook his head and said that it was too late. Without a lot of medical care Shadow couldn’t pull through the poisoning. Shadow’s mom didn’t have the money for that so he said the best thing to do would be to euthanize her.


Take Precaution When Using Mouse Glue Boards

If you have mice in your home, we urge you to NOT use these types of traps. They’re inhumane and dangerous for young children and your other pets. For more information about glue boards, click here.

If you’re using decon or other rat poisoning and your cat ingests it directly, or a mouse or rat that has ingested it, there’s specific symptoms and medical treatment you should be aware of. Click this link to read more about rat poisoning ingestion.

Please keep your pets safe and keep an eye on your cats if they have indoor/outdoor access. Cats often eat lots of things outside and sometimes if they eat something that is poisoned, you’ll need to act quickly if they become sick. Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect any type of poisoning.

Helping you to keep your pets safe,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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