Litter Box Tip for Cats that Pee Outside The Litter Box

Here’s a litter box tip: Keep it clean! You’d think that would be common sense but it isn’t. Watch this video to learn a tip for cats that pee outside the litter box. It’s really rather simple and can save your floor and make your life easier. Keep on reading to learn a couple other litter box tips that you can benefit from doing.

Sad fact: Cats often get booted from their homes when litter box problems happen. Be proactive and get your kitty started on making good habits.

Cat pee can ruin clothing, carpets and many objects that hold onto the pungent odor. If you have multiple cats, the rule of thumb is to have one more cat box then the number of cats. This helps kitties have their own potty place and helps minimize spraying, marking and pottying outside of the litter box.

However, if your kitty has started having accidents, remember, there are solutions. You just need to figure out why the problem is happening and how to fix it. Here’s some additional tips that you WON’T find in the video.

Tip #1

Keep it clean.

Cats like a clean litter box. They will step over poop piles in the box just to find the ONE place that’s free.

Tip #2

If you keep it wrapped, make sure you’re using appropriate material.

Trash bags make terrible cat pan liners usually. They’re big, bulky and don’t fit. If you really want the box wrapped up so you can keep the plastic cleaner, invest in liners that are made┬áspecifically for litter boxes.

Tip #3

Wash out the litter box at least once a month or at least once a year.

Cat boxes absorb the urine which leads to a stinky room and house. Emptying the contents of the litter box weekly and scrubbing it out with water and appropriate cleaning material can help minimize urine odor. However, you will have to invest in a new litter box as your kitten matures or if you add additional cats.

Happy Cats Have Clean Litter Boxes

There you go. Some simple tips from one cat lover to another. I hope you picked up something I said in this article and that if you have a problem with your kitties peeing, you can figure out a solution.

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