Pet Sitting Behind the Scenes

In this article, ‘Pet Sitting Behind The Scenes’ you’ll what a day in the life of a pet sitter looks like. Pet sitting behind the scenes is busy and tiring for many pet sitters who actually do the visits themselves.

Pet Sitting Behind The Scenes

Here’s an example a day I had last year, when I only had 5 clients in the day but also was juggling them around the Delaware County Fair. I had a booth set up and had to coordinate my schedule, 3 other pet sitter schedules and keep all the balls in the air. Keep in mind that there’s days I have 12-15 clients. Some are short visits and some live lose to each other.

Pet sitting behind the scenes might look different for a pet sitter who works in Los Angeles, California compared to one like myself, who has to deal with blizzards and inclement weather. Also, pet sitters who live in New York City who might travel by subway, or by bike, to get to client homes will definitely look different than someone who works with mostly farm animals in Wyoming.

Regardless of the locale, pet sitters have many things in common and for people on the outside who have no clue what we deal with on a daily basis, taking a glimpse into our world is enlightening.

If you’re a pet sitter and can identify with the crazy schedule I talk about, send us a link to what a typical day might look like for you. It’d be interesting to see the similarities (and differences).

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pet sitting behind the scenes
Pet Sitting Behind The Scenes – This Day Was Crazy Busy, I Had 5 Clients Plus Was Working Our Booth At The Delaware County Fair.



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