Watch This Dog In A Wheelchair!

Watch This Dog In A Wheelchair

You might’ve already seen this video when I published it the first time around, but here it is again.

Sonny was born with only his back legs formed correctly. His front two legs are nubs and are unusable. But, as you can tell in the video, he’s a happy fella despite his body limitations and as you can see, he adapted very quickly to his new wheels. In the video he’s approximately 6 months old and since recording this, he’s now a year old and has hours and hours in his chair.

I routinely take him on walks with his two pit bull brothers, he terrorizes his cat siblings and he’s a perfect member of our family. Stay tuned for more videos and updates of Sonny.

Enjoy the video of this dog in a wheelchair!

Do you have a two-legged dog? Does your dog use a wheelchair?

If you have any questions about how the wheelchair was chosen, the cost of the equipment, how to order one yourself, please contact us. There are dozens of companies that design and build wheelchairs and carts for dogs like Sonny.

We’d love to help you and your dog if possible.

Keep on rolling,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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