New Puppy Session With A First-Time Dog Mom

Some people think adopting a new puppy isn’t that big of a deal, but, when you’re 89 years old and this is the first time you’ve EVER had a dog, it is a pretty big deal.

5 years ago we set up a new puppy session and I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger and her mom. Ginger was a 6 week old adorable little Chihuahua who was lucky enough to be picked by my new client.

New Puppy Session With A First-Time Dog Mom

Ginger had the best of everything and most of all, she had a human who loved her unconditionally, regardless of her new puppy potty accidents and mishaps with chewing.

Ginger had regular walks by me and learned how to use potty pads quickly. Her mom was a natural student and took my advice to get on the right track with raising her baby.

new puppy session first time dog mom

Some things I helped Ginger’s mom with included:

Teaching her how and when to apply flea prevention medicine…

Teaching her how to pad train Ginger…

Teaching her how to crate train her…

Teaching her about the importance of walks, discipline and affection…

Teaching her how puppies learn and what happens as they age…

Teaching her about proper veterinary care for her new puppy and the importance of microchips and wearing ID tags.

There’s much more I helped with but that gives you a good idea of what it takes to bring a new puppy into your life – regardless of your age.

Don’t let age stop you from adopting. If you’re a healthy individual, have the financial means to take care of a dog/puppy, can take care of yourself, have an adequate size home or apartment, why not give it a try? You’d save a life and bring tremendous joy to your own. But, it’s not all happy puppy kisses, you’ll have issues to deal with and if you ever need help, we’re just a phone call or email away.

So what about you? You might not be 89 years old looking to adopt your first puppy but you might be anxious, scared or fed up with your puppy. Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself:

Do you feel lost with your new puppy?

Do you get frustrated because the puppy pees on the floor?

Do you find yourself thinking, “Why did I get this darn dog?”

If you said yes to any or all of the 3 questions above, let us help. We can help get you on the right track and hopefully your puppy learns quickly like Ginger did!

Here’s a short video (sorry about the poor quality, this was taken with my first Blackberry in 2011). Enjoy!!

Thanks for watching, now go adopt a new puppy or dog if you can 🙂

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