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Virtual Consultation For Pet Waste Removal

Welcome! Pet parents in Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, New Castle, Indianapolis, Brownsburg and most areas in between, we’re here to help keep your yards, cages and litter boxes clean and we’re glad you stopped by to watch our newest video titled ‘Virtual Consultation For Pet Waste Removal’.

Our pet waste removal services, also known as poop scooping, is a great service for people with dogs, but also for other pets like cats and caged pets like rats, chinchillas, hamsters and birds. Who has ever had a caged pet and dreaded cleaning out the cage?

Poop scooping services are often scheduled once per week but we do offer bi-weekly services. However, for the health of your yard, dogs and people, we recommend weekly services for outside dogs. Pet waste can harbor nasty bacteria, viruses and worms that can be transmitted to other dogs and humans. Children and people with suppressed immune systems are more prone to contracting these harmful agents.

Virtual Consultation For Pet Waste Removal

In this short video you’ll learn about how to set up services and what forms you’ll need to fill out prior to our initial consultation.

Should we need a key or code to enter your property in order to complete services, please have two keys for us at your meeting. One key is kept in our key file (for emergency use only) and the other one will be used during services.

To complete your services we also ask that you provide complete payment.

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To Our Current Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients

Have you thought about trying our services out but you’re just not sure it’s worth it?

Why not try a scoop on us?

Seriously. We’ll provide one free poop scooping service while we’re at your home the next time. Just be sure to mention this post and tell us you saw the offer.

You already know the benefit of using our services so why not try one more that will really help save you time and hassle.

Feel free to send an email, call or text if you have any questions regarding our poop scooping services.

Thank you for watching this virtual consultation for pet waste removal,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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p.s. Don’t forget to mention this offer if you’re already a pet sitting or dog walking client with us. Schedule your free poop scoop visit here!