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Let’s Talk Bee Stings On Dogs And Dog Walking

Bee stings on dogs can be a serious, life-threatening condition if your dog is allergic. If you’re out walking your dog, would you know what to do if he steps on a bee or becomes target practice for those pesky insects?

Bees and dogs should NEVER go together but let’s face it, your dog is susceptible to bee stings while he’s out with his dog walker, with you or just chillin’ in the backyard.

Typically bee stings on dogs happen on or near the face or feet and on the ears. But stings can happen anywhere on the body so it’s important to be aware of the signs of bee stings and the symptoms of anaphylaxis, or allergic shock.

Bee Stings On Dogs – Signs of Allergic Shock

Many dogs are allergic to bee stings and symptoms can include:

  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Obvious pain;
  • Swelling at sting site; and
  • Trouble breathing.

bee stings on dogs

Bee Sting Protocol

If your dog walker is with your canine friend and they notice your dog limping or actually see a bee sting happen, our normal protocol is to try and remove the stinger. We’ll get your dog home as quickly as possible and put a cold compress on if there’s any swelling. We’ll monitor your dog for change and update you via phone call, text or email. If we can’t remove the stinger, we’ll contact your veterinarian and ask what they recommend.

Bee stings on dogs might result in only a little redness or small amount of swelling which dissipates quickly. In this case, your dog probably isn’t allergic to bee stings, but to be safe, we’ll monitor and notify you.

Some dogs with severe reactions to bee stings can die quickly without immediate treatment by a veterinarian.

Bee Stings On Dogs – Emergency Situation

As mentioned above, trouble breathing is a sign of anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock and needs immediate attention. In this situation we’ll load up your dog in our car, make him as comfortable as possible with a cold compress on the sting site and transport him to your veterinarian. We’ll notify you as quickly as possible.

Importance of Our Pet Care Forms

As with any of our pet care services, the client forms that you complete prior to starting services with us will help tremendously in a situation like this. If you know your dog is allergic to bee stings or is allergic to anything, it should be noted on your pet information disclosure form.

We’ll follow your directions as to the amount of care you want provided to your dog. In some cases, our clients will tell us ‘the sky’s the limit’ and other client’s will say, ‘Only up to $500.00’. We understand your situation and will respect whatever you choose. We want to honor your decision so completing these forms in their entirety is important.

Book Your Dog Walking With A Professional

Having the 10 year old next door let Fido out in the backyard is one thing, but having them actually walk your dog in your neighborhood should be trusted to a professional dog walker. The neighbor kid won’t know what to do if your dog is stung by a bee and your dog could die if he’s allergic. With a professional dog walker, you can trust that they’ll keep an eye on your dog and monitor any changes they see in his behavior. Book your dog walking services with us now!

Keeping Your Dogs Safe,

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