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Google Reviews For Sit-Stay-Play Pet Sitting

Staying relevant and being able to be found via Google reviews are important things every business owner should do.

Running successful social media campaigns and keeping up with the changes in SEO is like another full-time job but I’m doing my best to do my best!

With so many fly-by-night pet sitters, hobbyists and legitimate pet sitting companies popping up in Muncie, Anderson, New Castle and the Indianapolis area, staying on top takes persistence and dedication.

As a pet sitting business owner, I continue to do everything in my power to provide relevant content that pet parents are looking for. My goal is to be a helpful resource to anyone that comes across on my website, whether they’re looking for pet care services or they just stumble upon it by accident.

We’re Here To Help Pet Parents

In order to help spread awareness about this pet care business, I’m asking our clients, business associates, friends and family to write a review about your pet care services.

Here’s some ideas:

Do you like that we are available for last-minute visits?

Was this your first time using a dog walker? What did you think?

Did we trim your pet’s nails? How did we do?

Have we given your cat insulin? Share that in your review.

Is your dog or cat happy to see us when we arrive?

If you’ve used our services, please share your experience.

If you’re a business associate, feel free to give us props and share how we collaborated. If you’re a friend or family member, you probably know how hard I’ve worked to build this business and I’d appreciate you sharing what you know about that process.

Google Reviews For Sit-Stay-Play Pet Sitting

So what’s in a Google review?


Just speak from the heart. Say what services we’ve provided and how your pets were treated. If your pet sitter went above and beyond the call of duty, please share that.

If you called on short notice and we got you on our calendar, put that in your review.

If you live outside of Muncie, make mention of that because people need to know what cities we serve.

You don’t need to lie or fib, just be honest.

Keep it simple and short. You don’t need to write a three chapter book, but hey, if you feel the need, go for it!

What Your Google Review Will Do

  • Your review will help other people decide if they want to try our services
  • Your review will help us garner more positive attention from Google+
  • Your review will give us higher SEO points so we’ll rank higher in search results

These three things are just the tip of the iceberg in social media and the SEO game, will you help us?

Just click on this link to write a Google Review.

Additionally, see what other have said – we have testimonials and FAQ’s on this website.

Thanks for your feedback,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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