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Hello, if you came to our website to book visits for pet sitting, dog walking, farm sitting, wedding pet care, pet nail trims or other pet-related services – you’re in the right place! sit-stay-play provides pet care services in and around the Muncie, IN area and out of state for other pet-related care.

Starting Services Can Be Done with One Easy Step!

#1 – New Clients – Fill out the Secured Service Request Form or call us at 765-744-5688 if you need visits to start within 3 days.

**Returning Clients – Click here

If you’re a new client you’ll get an email back with details to set up your Meet & Greet (m&g).

The m&g isn’t required for pet taxi, grooming or pet nail trims.

Once you read the email just follow the instructions so we can get you set up.

Returning clients will get a confirmation either via text or email.

Services are not guaranteed until sit-stay-play confirms

any requested visit or service.

sit-stay-play started in 2008 and we’re dedicated to caring for pets and helping people. Even throughout the covid 19 pandemic we were our services were needed and today, we’re busier than ever. Looking for a job? Being a pet care pro may be a great opportunity.

To help us all stay safe, we practice social distancing as much as possible. During new Meet & Greets, your pet care provider will wear a face mask. Plus, they’ll sanitize and wash their hands more frequently before and after visits.

Furthermore, we now offer Virtual Meet & Greets and Contactless Dog Walks for people that work from home (or just staying home).

Virtual Meet & Greets

Virtual Meet & Greets are done over Zoom.

Clients that choose to go the virtual route will get a walk through of the process and then we’ll proceed with the interactive Zoom video. You’ll need to be able to walk around your house showing us important things like pet food location, cat box, cleaning supplies, the yard if dogs need to go outside, those types of things.

During the video we’ll complete some pet care forms and set up a time for me to drop off forms for you to review and sign.

Contactless Dog Walks for People Working from Home

Contactless dog walks have become very popular and we want to make using our services as easy as possible. This option is great if you want to book visits but you want to maintain distance.

Contactless walks are very simple. Here’s how they work:

Once we’ve set a time for a walk, we’ll text or call when we arrive.

Then you’ll put your dog on your leash and either attach it to an outside porch if you have one or you can just stand on the other side of the door holding the leash. Your walker will then put their leash on and take yours off.

After we come back, we’ll knock to let you know your dog is ready to come inside. We’ll change back to your leash (of course while we’re wearing gloves) and voila – easy transfer.

Your dog gets a walk in – safely – and you don’t come in contact with another person.


Here are some of the reasons people use our pet care services… 

Many people need to work longer hours or pick up an extra job and they may feel guilty about leaving their pets alone.

People can’t run home at lunch and feeling guilty when they see their dog has already pottied inside.

Some of our clients have had to go out of town quickly and panicked because their friends and family weren’t available.

Can you identify with any of these situations?

We can help bring back some peace of mind.

Other Reasons People Use Our Services

Some clients book in-home grooming services because their dogs have arthritis and it’s difficult to get into the car.

People find it beneficial to get dog walks scheduled when they’re recuperating from surgery.

We can help bridge the gap between out-of-town adult ‘children’ and aging parents.  Because we’re here in town, we help the grown children rest easier knowing that there’s an extra set of eyes on their parents and the dog or cat.

Pet nail trims are often difficult to schedule these days because many vets and groomers have shortened their hours or stopped doing just basic nail trim services. We stop in and do kitty and doggy nail trims because it’s easier and less stressful for everyone.

Whatever your reasons for hiring us, it’s our pleasure to work with you.


Once we receive your request for services, we’ll email to set up your phone consultation or virtual meet & greet if you know you want to go ahead and book services.

*Be sure to check your email (and your spam and junk folders if you can’t find our message).

Pet services we provide in Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson and most surrounding cities include:

  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Poop Scooping
  • Grooming
  • Overnight Pet Care
  • Farm Sitting
  • Pet Taxi
  • Wedding Pet Care Services and
  • In-home Pet Nail Trims

IMPORTANT: If you need services to start within 3 days, please call the office at 765-744-5688 for immediate assistance.

Thank you,
Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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