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Hey Cat Sitter, Scratch My Back, Scratch My Belly

Hey cat sitter, scratch my back, scratch my belly! This is what Max’s Yorktown cat sitter imagines he thinks when she comes for a visit. Here’s a little more info about this sweet kitty…

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Life used to be a little lonely for Max. He’d wander around the house, find a sunbeam and take a nap. Once awake, he’d stroll over to eat, then catch a drink of water. Once he got his belly full he’d stroll back to the sunbeam or find a comfy spot on his grandma’s blanket and snooze.

But then his grandma decided to book Yorktown cat sitter services.

She’d clean out his litter box and make sure his food bowl was topped off. She’d unplug his filtered water bowl and wash it out. Then she’d refill it with distilled water.

Max would overhear the cat sitter talk to his grandma. They’d laugh and swap stories about grand kids, travel and health issues.

Then the cat sitter started talking to Max. She’d been watching him all the other days she’d visit but Max never stayed out very long. Then one day that changed.

book Yorktown cat sittingOne day when she was visiting, she had a treat bag and called his name. Max got brave and came out from his hiding spot. He allowed her to touch his back, then he ran away.

The next day, Max peeked out of his hiding spot and watched the his cat sitter. When she finished she sat on the floor very slowly and tossed a few cat nip treats to him. He couldn’t resist the tempting morsels and he rose up, got brave and showed his face.

The cat sitter just sat still and watched.

Max slowly walked over and she put a treat down right in front of her legs. While he ate it, she put her hand on his back and slowly started scratching.

Max’s tail began to quiver and he started kneading the carpet. Then, the purring started. The LOUD purring. And the head butting, slow blinks and relaxed ears.

Max’s world was opened up!! Every time his grandma booked the Yorktown cat sitting service, they’d sit down, call his name, talk softly and slowly but surely, he’d mosey out to her. The love fest would begin. He’d roll on his side, stretch his legs out, purr like crazy and head butt her hand.

The cat sitter wasn’t so scary anymore; she was just a cat sitter!

Watch the video below to see how this big boy loves getting his kitty massage and envision his saying, ‘Scratch my back, scratch my belly.’

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