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Papa Murphy’s Fundraisers for Action for Animals

Action for Animals, Muncie’s oldest non-profit animal rescue organization, is gearing up for a busy kitten season and we’re hoping to raise money through 3 pizza fundraisers hosted by Papa Murphy’s. EAT PIZZA HELP CATS =^..^=

About These Fundraising Opportunities

Papa Murphy’s is giving back 25% of meals purchased on these 3 days to AFA however, to make sure these fundraisers actually happen, we need at least 20 people to click on each link and click the COMMIT TO EAT tab.

When you click the COMMIT TO EAT tab, you’ll be asked your name and email then groupraise, the company that organizes these fundraising events, will remind you of your pledge to order pizza that day. You are not forced to order pizza then but we hope you will so you can join us in helping cats and dogs in the Muncie area.

You can click on all 3 dates and pledge to order, pick up or have food delivered. What a great way to support AFA and maybe surprise a business, friend or relative with a delivered meal!!

So you may be wondering where the 25% will go to and what it’s used for?

Here are some ways your donations will be used:

  • Buying cat and dog food
  • Buying canned pet food
  • Buying kitten and puppy food
  • Buying cat litter and cat toys
  • Purchasing humane traps, cages and crates
  • Purchasing medicine and medical supplies
  • Purchasing supplies like paper towels, cleaning products, puppy pads
  • Paying for veterinary procedures like spaying/neutering and other surgeries

A big portion of what funds are used for is veterinary care and food. On average, AFA spends between $1500-$3000 a month in vet services because they do a large number of spaying and neutering.

They also help people with pet food so that takes quite a bit of money as well.

With kitten season approaching, AFA will be recruiting many volunteer fosters to help care for moms and babies and to set these fosters up, supplies are needed. Will you help us?

AFA is run by volunteers. We (including me) use our own vehicles, our own gas and devote a lot of time in transporting and picking up cats. We would love more help and more partners. If you’d like more info about volunteering or fostering please visit AFA’s facebook page and send them a DM (direct message).

If pizza isn’t your thing and you’d like to donate directly to Action for Animals, click here to donate via paypal.

Your donations are tax deductible.

April 1 Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser

Click this link to read more about this fundraiser.

April 8 Fundraiser

Read about the April 8 fundraiser here.

April 14 Fundraiser

Read about their April 14 fundraiser here.

If you have any questions about these fundraisers or about adopting or fostering for Action for Animals, please visit their website.

Thank you for helping Action for Animals,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter and Action for Animals Director of Communications

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