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Tips For Cat Box Litter Management

Managing cat litter and cat boxes is no laughing matter, sometimes it’s messy and stinky, but here’s some tips for cat box litter management that might work for you.

Here’s a video to walk you through a method one of our client’s use for cat box litter management…

Tips For Cat Box Litter Management

    1. 1- Right size box. Your cat should be able to comfortable stand and turn around. If they stand in the box and the butt hangs over the end, it’s time to get a larger litter box (unless you want poo on your floor!).
    1. 2- Right number of boxes. Ideally you should have one more box then cats. So, you have two cats, get three boxes. Four cats? Get five boxes. Sounds like a lot? Yep…it can be but if you provide enough areas they can potty in you’re going to minimize the change they pick your couch or gym bag to start peeing on.
    1. 3- Covered or uncovered box – THAT is the question. Some cats do fine with covered boxes, some don’t. You’ll just have to try it out and see what works.
    1. 4- Flap or no flap on covered box. Depends on your cat. Some kitties are freaked out by flaps on the opening, some could care less, again, it just depends on your cat.
    1. 5- Type of cat litter. There’s clay litter and scoopable varieties. There’s eco-friendly litter, corn husk varieties and recycled newspaper litter brands. See what works and be diligent about keeping it clean.
    1. 6- Cleaning. Cat box litter management is an ongoing process. You shouldn’t just dump litter in and leave it for days or weeks. When poo gets on the sides, use a paper towel or other product to remove it. Keep the bottom of the box scraped so the pee doesn’t keep accumulating. Scoop out the solids and urine piles, replace litter as needed. Keeping the area(s) clean can help keep disease and sickness down, which is super important if you have multiple cats.
    1. 7- Keeping smell to a minimum. Plain baking soda can be sprinkled in the litter box generally and this will help absorb urine smell. If the smell is too strong, the litter probably needs completely removed and box scrubbed clean.
cat box litter managment
Cat Box Litter Management Is An Ongoing Process And You Have To Stay Up On It To Keep Kitty Healthy And Happy

These tips for cat box litter management can be implemented in any home, apartment, condo, trailer or even RV. Keeping kitty area clean is important if you want to have happy and healthy cats.

Contact us if you have any other questions about cat box litter management or if you need cat sitting. We’d love to help!


Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitting
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