Pet Care Policies

Pet Care Late Fee Policies

Our pet care late fee polices are in place to help people NOT encounter them. Pay your pet care bill on time and you won’t have to worry about these little pesky things. Don’t pay your bill and you’ll be amazed at how fast your bill doubles and triples. Avoid the late fees and pay on time.

Pet Care Late Fee Policies

How To Avoid Late Fees — New clients pay at the consultation and current clients should pay no later than the first visit.

Daily Late Payment Fees — $10 daily late fees start on day 6 after we do our last service. For example: if we visit your pets Sunday night because you are supposed to be home Monday morning and by Saturday your bill is due, your $10 daily late fee starts. It adds up quick so get it taken care of early.

Certified Mail Postage Fees — If you’ve made no attempt to pay us you will be responsible for ALL certified mail postage fees. Ignore the first attempt at a delivery? You’re just adding more fees onto your bill. It’s in your best interest to get the package and pay the amount on your demand notice. If you don’t, we’ll attempt a 2nd delivery. Should you fail to accept the package and delay payment further, we’ll proceed with other legal matter. Please review your signed contract for complete details.

Service Fees — We charge a $15 service fee each time we have to send a demand letter and send via certified mail. Again, this is just another fee you can avoid by paying your bill on time.

Payment Arrangements — We are sticklers on payment but can work with people if they really need pet care and have no other options. However, this doesn’t mean the arrangement set up can be ignored and bill left unpaid. In doing this, you’re taking advantage of our kindness and will incur late fees listed above.

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