How to Treat Worms in Dogs

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Facts About Worms In Dogs Fact #1: Worms affect most dogs at various points in their lives. Fact #2: Some worms can affect people, especially children and individuals with compromised immune systems. Fact #3: Dog worms usually won’t go away on their own and some can KILL your dog if not treated in time. Fact #4: […]

PetSittingOlogy Conference in Las Vegas

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PetSittingOlogy Conference 2013 2013 has been a fabulously busy year for us here at sit-stay-play so I’ve decided to take a break from pets, poop, scheduling and everything else that comes with running a business and head to fabulous Vegas for my first ever PetSittingOlogy conference. PetSittingOlogy Topics Presented Danielle Vasta and Joshua Cary were […]